Aerisphere Micro Puck

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Aerisphere Micro Puck Wholesale | Aerisphere Wholesale

The Micro Puck by Aerisphere helps you build perfect micro and nano coils every time. Conveniently holds all of your coil bits all in one unit so you don't misplace them. Very light weight and pocket sized. Will fit perfectly in your building box/bag. Some vapers can't stand coil jigs. But the reality is coil jigs are here to stay. Whether you're doing an artisan build, or a hand blistering functional build, the Micro Puck can help out with those tight corners. 

Bit Sizes:

  • .030" / .762mm
  • .057" / 1.44mm
  • .091" / 2.31mm
  • .105" / 2.66mm
  • 2.25" radial inches around
  • Only .6" thick
  • Weighs 4 ounces

Package Contents: 

  • 1x Aerisphere Micro Puck