A Detailed Review Of Vaporesso SWAG II Kit

A Detailed Review Of Vaporesso SWAG II Kit

26th Feb 2020

Popular vape manufacturer Vaporesso has been delivering excellent vape mods for some time now. It has recently delivered a box mod which has been named as SWAG II. It is the successor of the super successful SWAG mod and is powered to the core by the proprietary AXON chip of Vaporesso. 

The design of SWAG II draws inspiration from the Pico mod series. It brings along a substantial reduction in height coupled with a protruding battery cap. It is more of like a crossbreed in between the new generation GEN mod and the original SWAG. You can avail of the SWAG II kit in the color options of black, silver, blue and red. Let us now take a look at specific attributes of this vape kit so that you can easily gauge where it stands in comparison to its peers.

Design & Build Quality

The SWAG II Kit is a well-designed and nicely built mod. In spite of being pretty lightweight, it does not feel flimsy or cheap. The fire button can be accessed from the front portion of the mod exactly above the screen. Up and down buttons are present at the side of the mod while the mode button can be accessed from below the screen. You can place the battery from the top of the mod by unscrewing the battery cap. Removing and replacing the battery seems pretty easy which makes the SWAG II Kit a highly user-friendly option. 

You can use its 510 pin with a variety of atomizers. However, you need to keep the diameter limited to 25 mm due to its battery cap. This, however, should not pose as a big cause of concern while dealing with single battery mods. If you dislike flashy mods, then you are going to absolutely love the SWAG II Kit, which has a very elegant look and feel. Its paint job feels very solid and can easily sustain heavy-duty usage. The flask-like shape of the SWAG II Kit along with its soft coating makes it extremely easy to hold. 

Functions & Features

Just like all other Vaporesso mods, the SWAG II also comes packed with features. You can access a variety of modes under the DIY menu. The Power mode presents three different options of normal, soft and hard preheats. Some of the other modes are the Super Player mode, which is actually a power mode with a low level of resistance, Variable Voltage mode, Bypass mode, Watt Curve mode, etc. The ECO mode helps in operating the SWAG II without draining out its battery. The SWAG II prompts users to switch over to the Power Eco mode whenever the battery reaches around 40%. There is also a Pulse mode that pulses higher wattage every time you take a puff. It helps users in enjoying a dense and more flavorful vapor. The Smart TC mode detects the coil material automatically for setting the correct TC mode. But if you feel that the SWAG II is experiencing problems in identifying the coils correctly, then you can proceed with the regular Temperature Control mode for making manual adjustments. 

How To Use The Vaporesso SWAG II

  • You can turn the device on and off by clicking the fire button five times.
  • You can enter the menu by clicking it three times.
  • You can scroll through the menu by clicking the up and down button, whereas you can accept the menu by clicking the same.
  • You can check out the chip version by holding the menu and fire.
  • You can return back to the home screen from the menu by using the fire button.


The NRG PE tank comes with the Swag II kit. It has a diameter of 25mm which serves as the perfect fit for this vape kit. The NRG PE is accompanied by two different coils. A 0.5ohm GT CCELL coil is rated for 25-35W and a 0.15ohm GT4 mesh coil which is rated for 50-75W. It is imperative to note here that the GT4 is a dual mesh coil and is pretty big in shape. The NRG PE tank is not accompanied by a bubble glass. It is shipped along with a straight glass tube and can hold a 3.5 ml e-liquid. The tank size cannot be termed as adequately big for catering to your vaping requirements over a long stretch of time. You might thus have to refill the tank more than once daily for vaping round the clock. Just a gentle push swivels open the top cap of the SWAG II kit. A silicone guard can be seen surrounding the fill port which is of standard size and is compatible with all bottle types. The fill port is sealed tight by the top cap on being closed. This can keep you buffered from facing any leakage issues. 

Final Words

When it comes to performance, the Swag II wins the race hands down. It functions equally well while being vaped in the power mode. However, it fires up to just 80W making it best suited for coils having minimal power requirement. Another USP of the Swag II kit is its varying wattage modes. However, the draw feels consistent as it outputs the correct wattage. The biggest letdown of the Swag II kit is its single 18650 battery which might not cater to the requirements of avid vapers. All of this gets covered up by the AXON chip which can help you experience a strong hit even with 17% remaining battery.