A Detailed Comparison Between SMOK Nord Kit & SMOK Nord 2 kit

A Detailed Comparison Between SMOK Nord Kit & SMOK Nord 2 kit

20th Feb 2020

The growing popularity of vaping has led manufacturers to come up with a variety of Pod Mod kits. But rather than coming up with an entirely new device, SMOK has decided on imparting a swanky makeover to its popular SMOK Nord Kit. Its latest offering has received the nomenclature of SMOK Nord 2 Kit and differs substantially from its predecessors in the form of newer features. Today we are going to take a look at this newest kid on the vaping and compare its features with the predecessor model. At the end of today's discussion, you will develop a clear knowledge in regard to making your choice amongst the two models. 

Initial Impression

SMOK Nord Kit as we all know is one of the most popular pod systems of 2019. It even retained its top-notch popularity in 2020 even in the face of fierce competition. SMOK Nord 2 Kit has retained similar form factors like that of its predecessor. You will hardly be able to differentiate between the two from its chassis. Designers have even kept the color similar in both models. They feature a zinc alloy frame with PC material pattern panels running on both sides. This makes the Nord Kits pretty premium to touch. 

Battery Story

The SMOK Nord 2 Kit houses a 1500mAh internal battery which adds up to its overall size when compared to SMOK Nord Kit which had a battery capacity of 1100mAh. You can thus keep on using the SMOK Nord Kit 2 throughout the day by keeping the wattage level low. The max output has also increased to 40 watts from 15 watts of the predecessor model. 

Button Dynamics

Only one button is present on the SMOK Nord 2 Kit. You can activate the kit and also make necessary adjustments by clicking this ignition button. The long press allows vaping whereas five clicks either turn the device on or off. Pressing the button thrice activates the wattage setting function. You will next just have to keep pressing this button unless you reach your preferred wattage. Ultimately, you need to let go of your finger as the device confirms the wattage automatically post two flashes. 

Coil or Pod Options

The SMOK Nord 2 Kit allows users to store two pods, an RPM pod consisting of preinstalled coils and a Nord pod. The original leaky Nord pods have been replaced to bring along larger rubber plugs and fill slots which have been shifted sideways to prevent uncalled-for leakage. Users can change the coils by taking their pick amongst the 12 available options in both RPM and Nord coil ranges. You can opt for RBA coils if you are on the lookout for a highly cost-effective vaping option. The SMOK Nord 2 Kit has a capacity of 4.5ml which can keep your device running for long without having to opt for frequent refills. The pod cartridges of both SMOK Nord Kit and SMOK Nord Kit 2 are fairly identical in terms of a side refill port, irremovable flat drip tip, and bottom coil slots. The only difference lies in coil slot size due to differences in compatibility.


Dual air inlets have retained their placement in the SMOK Nord 2 Kit like that of its predecessor. However, it has increased in width for allowing in more airflow for catering to the higher wattage requirements. The SMOK Nord 2 Kit has however bid adieu to magnetic connection by clipping the pod cartridge in position. This method keeps both the battery module and pod firmly connected with each other. 

Juice Windows

The SMOK Nord Kit came with a visible juice window which helped users in checking the level of the remaining liquid. This feature proved to be extremely helpful as users could gauge in advance when the kit needed a refill. However, this feature has been scrapped in the SMOK Nord 2 and customers have to make do guesswork regarding refills. 

Final Verdict

Manufacturers have tried to fill in the loopholes of SMOK Nord Kit with new features in the SMOK Nord Kit 2. If you had developed a liking towards the predecessor model, then you are bound to feel delighted with this latest offering of SMOK. The biggest USP of this kit is the OLED screen which helps in understanding all the vaping data without incurring any problem. Apart from the basic settings, the screen also predicts the remaining time which is required to fully charge up the device. Compared to peer LCD screens, the SMOK Nord 2 Kit displays more information in a vivid manner. The wholesale price of SMOK Nord 2 Kit is comparatively higher than the predecessor model. This high price can definitely be justified by the addition of swanky new features which have also added up to its ease of usage.