A Whole Range of Vapor Products Available Online for Wholesale and Retail at New York

A Whole Range of Vapor Products Available Online for Wholesale and Retail at New York

2nd Oct 2020

Kanger Wholesale USA welcomes you to an entirely new experience to source excellent quality vapor products and e-juices in the New York area. With years of experience in this business, we, as a NY wholesale vape company, have earned a name for ourselves and are trusted by many vape shop owners. In the heat of competition, among so many players in this industry, it is the quality and variety of products which is the key to success. Our extensive selection of the most authentic, latest, and most outstanding vapor products at all times will elevate your business. Whether you are a stockist or a retail business, we will make sure that we will provide you with the best.

In today’s cut-throat competitive market, you need to make sure that you are always stocked with the best of the vape gears and e-liquid wholesale distributor NY so that customers can get exactly what they need at any given time. To make this possible, our prompt and efficient supply and online vape wholesale New York product collection is the backbone of our business. Even the product pricing and deals are such that it will always be an advantage for you. KangerWholesaleUSA is always ready to back up our business partners, and we make sure that we never let you down. Our expert team will make every possible bit to keep your business soaring and touching new heights.

A massive Line up of Vapor products readily available for ordering easily for the New York Area.

To start ordering, all you need to do is go through a simple registration process and put in all the necessary details. Once it is done, you can easily place an order for a wide range of vapor products with Kanger Wholesale USA. You can select different products with a variety of options and quantities. Ensure that you browse all the categories and flavors as per the demand in the market and order precisely the item you need, and the same reaches you in no time.

1. Restock you shop with the best e-cigarette wholesale supplier New Yorkto Get More Customers

The Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit is one of the most famous starter kits in the vaping community. The regulated variable wattage internal battery tube mod paired with a mesh-powered sub-ohm tank makes it one of a kind. What makes it even superior is the design that Freeman adopted for this range. There are no solid color options, and all the six variants come in funky graffiti designs. The mod is about 10 cm in length and has a diameter of approximately 24 mm.

It's not a short mod, but given that it stores a 2300 mAh battery as well as a chip, it makes the body appropriately sized. The power button is big and easy to locate, while the charging port is placed directly behind the switch. Also, the dial on the bottom provides a very gratifying quick feedback in every 5 watts. There are O-rings used on the drip tip, but it is also compatible with Goon-style 810s. The tank highlights an updated slide-filling mechanism, the same as that of the Mesh Pro tank, with an exciting design to release air pressure when filling.

The drip tip efficiently slides on top of an additional hole that releases the air and prevents any flooding and leaking of eJuice. It has also adopted some of the Mesh Pro tank's looks and comes with bubble glass. Thus the bigger capacity of 5mL tank instead of the 3 mL of the Fireluke Mesh, making it an instant hit among vapers. The 2300mAh battery of the Freemax Twister lasts for approximately two tanks on the 0.2 coil and a tad under one and a half tanks on the 0.15 coil. It is tested both when the power is set at 70 watts. Freemax offers up to 150 puffs per charge. The package includes two coils: a 0.15ohm single-coil and a 0.2-ohm dual coil. Both of them are mesh type coils and are available on online vape wholesale supplier NY.

2. Offer the Best Vape Tank Options to your Customers of New York City

Vzone Preco Tank is an all-in-one (AIO) disposable type sub-ohm tank. It is made from food-grade polycarbonate material that is light in weight and designed to provide heat insulation. It features a 0.15ohm mesh coil that is easy to use with its top-fill and adjustable dual bottom airflow. The tank works like an easy to use, replaceable pod for sub-ohm vaping on box mods. The also includes a built-in drip tip and comes both a 3ml or 2ml (TPD compliant) capacity.

The most exciting feature about this tank is its polycarbonate frame, making it incredibly convenient to see the remaining juice level. And secondly, there’s no trouble about losing drip tips or breaking the glass if it is dropped. Even though the Preco is incredibly compact, weighing only 16g. This disposable tank made out of PE does feel real, sturdy, and robust. The material will not chip easily when dropped, neither is the high-grade glass tank.

The airflow control is smooth to turn, and the fill port bung is well anchored to the device and fits easily. It comes with one type of coil installed, a Kanthal Mesh 0.15ohm vertical coil. And is rated best to perform at 40 to 70W. Refilling is made simpler with this tank. Since there’s no opening or unscrewing top caps like usual sub-ohm tanks. It is made to be used conveniently with most pod mods due to its straightforward design. All it requires is to pull open the rubber bung, which reveals an excellent large fill port, and then squeeze the juice straight into it. The flavor from these coils is fantastic, definitely on par with most mid-range mesh coils. Vzone has captured the perfect balance with the airflow for the coils while producing a nice and smooth draw with decent clouds with every puff. Order it now for your NY wholesale vape company only from our website to get them at the best prices.

3. Get E-liquids in Various Flavors and Strength online vape wholesale New York

Candy King E-liquids is rapidly becoming a favorite among vape enthusiasts who are always searching for their favorite childhood nostalgic flavors. Candy King has the unique ability to flawlessly recreate classic candy flavors that offer complex layers of taste infused with diverse flavors with only the very best ingredients. The result is sweet and sugary vape e-liquids that bring back fond memories while providing great hit and vapor production levels.

Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum 100ml E-Juice will put the taste buds of your customers tingling with joy as soon as they take the first hit. With an incredible amalgamation of juicy watermelon and delicious strawberry flavor with the distinctive taste of nostalgic bubblegum, Candy King E-liquids has formulated yet another candy-inspired flavor that gives the sweet tooth exactly what it craves for. Each inhale of this e-juice delivers a powerful punch of cool and refreshing watermelon taste with the sweet and slightly tart strawberry flavor. As Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum sits on the tongue, the strawberries' tartness escalates, and the authentic bubblegum flavor begins to set in. Whereas in the exhale, these three exciting, yet complementary flavors come together in harmony, providing the sweet tooth with utmost satisfaction.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum vape juice has a base of 70 percent vegetable glycerin and 30 percent propylene glycol. This base ratio ensures that each inhale provides a fulfilling throat hit, as well as the capacity to blow huge and puffy vapor clouds. Candy King'sKing's Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum e-liquid is also available in three nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6 mg that you can offer to your diverse customer requirements. You must stock your shop with this phenomenal Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum E-liquids by Candy King. If you have a clientele who have a passion for the satisfying taste of sweet bubblegum fused with fruity flavors, order from e-liquid wholesale distributor NY.

4. Great Deals on Vape Coils and Pods That Are Readily Available to be Delivered in New York

SMOK never fails to amaze, whether innovative designs brought on by its research and development team to its outpour of products from its manufacturing headquarters. While the Nord device provides the power, the SMOK Nord Replacement Coils deliver it. There is a coil in the Smok Nord family of replacement coils for every type of vaper. These coils are made of stainless steel and come with organic cotton wicking. The SMOK Nord Replacement Coil comes in a pack of 5 that includes:

Smok Nord Mesh Coil 0.6ohm: Designed for sub-ohm mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers who love dense, full drag that ends with thick clouds of vapor. The coils feature a single honeycombed Kanthal mesh structure to produce outstanding flavor and loads of vapor. The large mesh inside gives the coil a faster ramp-up time. The maximum wattage of 25 watts.

Smok Nord Mesh Coil 0.8ohm: Optimized for a mouth-to-lung vaping, it produces a great flavor and has a slightly loose drag. Loose enough to be incredibly comfortable, yet tight enough to still feel like a traditional feel of the draw. Those who are new to vaping, this is a great option to get them on their feet. The maximum wattage is 16 watts.

Smok Nord Regular Coil 1.4ohm: Designed for a restricted mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience. These are compatible with freebase nicotine and nicotine salt e-juices. The maximum wattage of 12W allows a satisfying throat hit with every drag.

Smok Nord Ceramic Coil 1.4ohm: It features high temperature resistant ceramic coils. They are specially designed to have a longer life span and deliver optimum flavor with ease, even at higher wattages.

These coils are compatible with the SMOK Nord Pods, RPM 40, Fetch Mini, Priv N19, Trinity Alpha, Nord AIO 19 & 22, and SMOK Vape Pen Nord 19 & 22. You can get these Smok Nord replacement coils at the best prices on online vape wholesale supplier NY when you buy from the Kanger Wholesale USA.

5. Latest and Trending Collection of Vape Devices for Vapers of New York

Eleaf’s iStick 30W Kit got insanely popular when it launched as a much improved and more powerful version of 20W onto the market. Eleaf has listened to feedback on the 20W device and has incorporated that into the iStick 30W. It’s a really impressive super tiny box mod that has the capability of using the latest sub-ohm tanks that everyone is going crazy for. The iStick can fire down to 0.4 ohms and all the way up to 5ohm. It also now fires up to 30W, which is 10W more than the older 20W model. Thus, the iStick 30W works with almost any tank and works well for most sub-ohm tanks.

In iStick 30W, Eleaf added a superior spring-loaded 510 connector with improved stainless steel threading. The threading is of better quality, and the spring-loaded pin makes it easy for all the tanks and clearomizers to sit nice and flush! The screen also features a wattage lock feature by holding down the plus and minus buttons. This means it will lock and can’t change the wattage or voltage accidentally while vaping. The digital screen also has an improved accelerometer for scrolling up and down between wattages more easily. It is easy to switch between wattage and voltage with just 3 clicks on the fire button. It quickly gets turned off fully with 5 clicks on the fire button.

The iStick 30W can be charged through USB and has a pass-through charging technology, which means it can be charged simultaneously while vaping. The Li-Po battery has a holding capacity of 2200mAh. When used heavily on sub-ohm vaping at 30W on 0.5ohm coils quite heavily, it efficiently provides 4-5 hours of usage. The iStick 30W is a fantastic choice for all levels of vapers, from beginners to those who sub-ohm vape. The package includes iStick 30W Box Mod, 510/Ego Adapter, Micro USB to USB Charging Cable, and USB Wall Adapter.

Get Your Hands on the Largest Selection of Premium Vape Products

With the increasing popularity of vaping over the years, the demand is continuously rising, especially for new collections of vaping kits, accessories, and flavors. To always stay a step ahead from your competitors, your store must have the most in-demand and latest collections to offer to the customers before anybody else. To make your work easy, we have bought all the products under one website to provide you with the best and the most affordable wholesale deals of vape supplies. Apart from the massive selection of products, e-cigarette wholesale supplier New York, we also provide the latest product and market insights to stay up to date regarding the vape industry. You can choose among vape starter kits, e-juices, tanks, replacement coils and pods, batteries and chargers, disposable pod systems, and many other vape accessories. We at KangerWholesaleUSA have got everything you are looking for, that too at competitive prices.

If you are curious to know more about wholesale vapor products or want to order from us for your vape store. Call us at 1-866-375-0541 or Email us at CustomerSupport@lightfiregroup.com, and our expert team will respond to every query you have in your mind.