For Wholesalers - Best Vape Starter Kits

For Wholesalers - Best Vape Starter Kits

6th Apr 2020

Recognized as one of the best-known distributors of Vape starter kits wholesale, Kanger Wholesale USA is entitled to offer all the retailers with regal brands that excel in the domain of vape starter kits. Smokers who are looking forward to abandoning their long journey of smoking tobacco, and decided that it is the time for rehabilitation, look upon vape starter kits for complete relief. Other than providing you with a vast range of vapor starter kits on wholesale, our online shop also deals with hundreds of e-liquid flavors, which, as ensured, would help you make the most of your vaping business. With many products available to choose from, it can be hard to find the one that's going to be the best for your customer's requirements. Throughout the year, we've updated our best compilations to include all the latest vape starter releases. 

Speaking of available some of the many brands, our collection of vape starter kits will prove to provide the novice e-cigarette smoker with a unique nicotine experience. Among the renowned brands to possess the best starter vape kits, Aspire is probably one of the brands that are pretty hard for you to keep them off the shelves of your store, and they are known for having colorful starter wholesale vape kits. Due to the high demand among the customers, retailers always find a way to restock the rugged yet sleek vaporizer wholesale starter kits by Smoktech and Kangertech. These two brands are popularly known for their easy to maintain and portable wholesale vaporizer kits, which is why our online warehouse has taken the chance to avail you with this benefit as well. Joyetech and Suorin Air are also some of our default choices for quality wholesale starter vape kits, since they are equipped with upgraded technology, and can give you a run or more adequately, a puff for your money.

The reason why starter vape kits are so much in demand is the fact that they are the only alternative option that is like cigarettes but in a very different way from them. What this means is that into the various forms, the devices which are invented over the years will tell that most of those devices take a pretty different approach to help the subject to quit smoking. Starter Vapes offers smoking like experience but without any harmful substances whatsoever to the user. This makes the vaping starter kits so much more successful than other alternatives that are available in the market.

What is Vape Starter Kit

Vape starter kits come with battery style mods, which are not too complicated and are pretty workable and portable to use for the novice e-cigarette smokers. Packed with genuine batteries and mods, we provide vape starter kits, which are proven to be a valuable investment for people who wish to wean off smoking. The majority of the vape starter kits consist of a battery that might not be too large for a user's liking, and hence, would function with low voltage and low wattage as well. Vape starter kits give out a satisfactory amount of vapor and run on batteries that can be recharged for optimal cloud or vapor production. The primary purpose of these kits is to make vaping easier for people who have never tried it. So, these kits are designed as an underlying buffer between a person who does not vape and a professional vaper. That is why there is not much that you can change about this kit and very little that you can get out of it other than any basic vaping experience. Once you do get the hang of it, though, you can move to Vape Advanced kits and try a whole lot of new things.

Feeling confused is a common sentiment among the newbie vapers, majorly because there are so many options available for clearomizers, mods, and device combinations. Opting for a clearomizer or the tank, compatible box mod, batteries, charger type, and e-liquid can be exhausting and even dangerous for someone completely new into the world of vaping. Just because of this reason, here we provide all the retailers with a list of the best vape starter kits for the beginners. For a customer who is a complete beginner, you should consider buying among these vape starter kits. Here you can discover a listing of all the freshest and advanced vape starter kits that are available right now and much in demand. These vape starter kits are popular and targeted for beginners because of their ease of use and performance. All these vape starter kits can be sourced from Kanger Wholesale USA site, a wholesaler company very well-known in the vaping industry for customer service and authentic product availability.

SMOK Nord Kit

The SMOK Nord Kit is a freshly designed button triggered pod system vaping device. SMOK Nord has a powerful 1100mAh battery capacity, extremely large among pod system devices, making it a sturdy one. It is fitted out with exclusive coils, namely Nord Mesh 0.6 ohm coil, Nord regular 1.4-ohm coil, and Nord Ceramic 1.0 ohm Coil. While one is perfect for getting huge vapor, the other can offer excellent mouth-to-lung (MTL) exposure, and the ceramic will keep the temperature just right. It also has an ideal size to hold in hand, a newly added button to begin the vaping process, and give details about battery life; besides, there's an e-juice spot on the pod, all of which is for better convenience. The starter kit's beautiful design also features an RGB LED indicator, which works as a guide to measure the battery level. The LED light-up green color when the battery is above 70% charge, yellow color when above 30%, and red color when below 30%. Also, it is not going to satisfy strict MTL vapers, using the 35 mg nicotine salt, it will dampen the nicotine cravings soon. For a nice restrictive lung hit, users can use the 0.6-ohm mesh coils with freebase nicotine e-juice, or even lower strength salts for a longer run.

Keeping in mind the individuals who are new to vaping, this is a fabulous all-in-one answer. For more of an experienced vaper who wants a compact device that performs at a similar level to a full-sized vape, the SMOK Nord is still for you. It is highly recommended, the SMOK Nord is to anyone looking for an inexpensive pod vape with robust flavor and vapor production. This starter kit is a perfect example of innovation that keeps improving the vaping experience!

Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit

The Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit is trustworthy in quality and performance. This starter kit is ideal for the individuals who are new to vaping as well as the experienced ones. The design of the package is equipped with a tank and battery combination, as well as a single-button design, delivering the eGo AIO Starter Kit with convenient and ready to use features. For newbies, the eGo AIO offers several protective specifications that take good care of the device's durability and longevity. In-built features like Over-Current Protection, Overcharge Protection, and Over-Discharge Protection make this starter kit the perfect vaping tool for beginners with all the safety notes. Adding to the list, the Leak-Resistant Cup technology involved adds an auto-lock feature to the design. The built-in battery has a high capacity of 1500mAh and comes in various colors for your customization. The Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit can be simply charged with the added Micro USB Cable. Not to be outdone, the tank on the eGo AIO Starter Kit has an E-juice capacity of 2ml and is conveniently filled from the top with the top-fill design feature. The starter kit is not compatible with temperature control coils such as Nickel and with the NotchCoil 0.25ohm. Given its capability, smaller size, and higher battery capacity, the MTL draw is also marginally less restrictive.

In case you are looking for a starter kit for your first time vaping customers, then the Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit is a phenomenal choice comparable to many other devices available in the market. It is an excellent device for novice users and for the ones opting to quit smoking and also makes the right choice for the professional vapers looking for a portable stealth vape device. 

Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit

The exclusivity of Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit is its all-in-one set-up and easy-to-use navigation technique. The SUBVOD Starter Kit is a complete powerhouse with a 1300mAh Kanger SUBVOD Battery, the advanced Kanger TOPTANK Nano, and the beast Kanger SSOCC coil. Each of these three components is equipped with its own unique features that promise optimum performance. For beginners, the Kanger SUBVOD 1300mAh Battery has a one-button design for easy control. The latest Kanger Subtank Nano is an unusually high spot with the new SSOCC coils. The tiny twist that the Kanger has made to this tank has made it a small package packed with a huge punch. Also, the flavor from the new coil heads, in particular, can now compete with anything around the market. Kanger has launched a great little package that provides immediate output with a mere press of a button. The battery is protected with features like Overcharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Low Resistance Protection for the battery to last over an extended period without causing any damage. The battery set off with an output voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 1300mAh. Charging the battery is an undemanding task with the included Micro USB cable. The TOPTANK Nano is a massive tank with an e-liquid capacity of 3.2ml for your vaping requirements. Vaping for a longer duration on a tank of this size without the need to refill it every once in a while is such a bliss! The TOPTANK Nano also features an airflow control valve for clean cloud production. If you are searching for a beginner's kit, this simple device is just on the move. 

Suorin Air AiO Starter Kit

The Suorin Air AiO Starter Kit is equipped with thoughtful features like an understated on/off switch, small but highly effective air slot, and a shaded e-juice cartridge that contribute to the overall attractiveness of this pocket-sized vape. The uniqueness behind the Suorin Air is that it is an exceptionally compact and easy to carry vape that can easily fit into the palm of your hands. The design of the Suorin Air is what also makes this device a stand-out kit among all its competitors. Its aesthetics is lightweight because of the aluminum structure and makes carrying it around a cakewalk. The Suorin Air embraces a timeless style by reaching equipped with 400mAh automatic batteries, which can be charged via micro USB charging port placed on the bottom of the device. The Suorin Air also emphasizes a no-button style and is automatically initiated once you begin gasping. The Suorin Air Starter Kit is filled with a magnetic 2.0ml refillable cartridge system that can instantly be filled with your favorite e-juice. 

The only significant drawback of the Suorin Air has the leaking problem, and it can be avoided by sufficiently replacing the disposable atomizer. Furthermore, the leaking can become bothersome, especially with how regularly the atomizer requires to be swapped. Nevertheless, the value of this starter kit still remains excellent. To such a cost-efficient, this Suorin starter kit is offering a smooth, well-designed system that yields flavorful, smooth vapors. Indeed, it is a hard deal to beat. This is an excellent device with a few flaws. For the ones who don't mind replacing their atomizers every week will relish this device for what it is. Notwithstanding being technically described as a "low-powered" device, the Suorin Air AiO challenges expectations and performs remarkably well. The 400mAh battery is lots to fuel the production of voluminous vapor clouds, with flavor that beats all the right notes. With the launch of Air, Suorin has managed to obtain the absolute balance between performance, ease of use, and an extraordinary experience. 

Aspire Breeze Starter Kit

The peculiarity of the Aspire Breeze Starter Kitis that it is a closely-packed all-in-one starter kit designed for ease to carry and ease of use. For the beginners, this starter kit has the capability of automatically firing up when it is used in the traditional automatic style. When used this way, one can directly boost the Aspire Breeze when inhaled or press the activation fire button that is provided. In addition to this strong point, the Aspire Breeze is packed with a built-in 650mAh battery that supplies the Breeze U-Tech Coil atomizer heads, which have a resistance of 0.6ohm and offers authentic flavors and massive cloud creation. 

This also benefits the Aspire Breeze for a mouth to lung (MTL) style of vaping. The Aspire Breeze Starter Kit has liquid storage with a 2.0ml nic salt capacity for a significant amount of vaping time before having to refill. Refilling is also a mere easy process with the top-fill ergonomic design that reduces drips, leaks, and flooding. The only drawback of the Aspire Breeze is a hybrid MTL, which is more MTL and the direct lung hit, but one can go direct-to-lung slightly smoothly.

The 0.6-ohm coils are Aspire's U-shaped double-chambered heads that are intended to increase flavor and cloud by sending air with a better flow to the coil and back to the vaper. These coils have three-wick holes around the head, one larger slot of 3 mm x 6 mm, and two small holes of 2 mm in diameter. This starter kit is guarded by Overcharge Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Automatic Cut-Off, and Low-Voltage Protection and to prevent uncertain incidents making it a safe device for beginners.

Now, that you are well familiar with all the features of all the best vape starter kits in the market to bring forth to your novice customers, the essential point to keep in mind for successful retailing is that if you provide an assortment of a vape starter kit for your clients, you will have a better chance of successfully making a profit on these vaping kits. Taking your time for researching over your decision and thinking about what you want for your clients to offer next is better than just leaping in without reasoning and picking the first affordable alternative you come across. These are some excellent starter kits here, and if you choose carefully, you will have a much better chance of selecting the ones that will work for all types of clients of yours.

Many of these vape starter kits on this list will fulfill your search, and you can rely upon that you will be getting the best of the best quality of the best vape starter kits out there. Whether you're looking to source for a vape tube starter kit, an all-in-one vape starter kit, or a box mod starter kit, these are the best options out there at the moment. Their design, quality, and ease of use make these the most attractive and logical choices to offer to any beginner vaper. The favorite pick of all vape sellers in the USA, Kanger Wholesale USA, is always there for all your retail store requirements!