Get To Experience The Best Wholesale Vapor Products In Florida

Get To Experience The Best Wholesale Vapor Products In Florida

15th Sep 2020

That’s right! You can shop anywhere and everywhere. However, with Kanger Wholesale USA, you get the best customer experience when it comes to product’s value for money, business management ethics, responsiveness, order fulfillment process, and your online shopping security.

At, we are committed to bringing products of your choice to your doorstep. Our store offers something for everyone encompassing all age groups, including youngsters, teens, adults, and seniors. Whether it is for everyday needs or a special occasion, we have got something for you.

Whether you have your very own brick and mortar retail shop in Florida or an online virtual store, you have the right to the same top quality e-liquids and other vapor products from the leading ejuice wholesale distributor Florida that you can find.

Custom Products

As one of the top e-juice wholesale distributors in Florida , our stock of custom e-liquids is all 100% unique from many of the top and best manufacturers in the market. These products that your customers will instantly fall in love with are created using full quality US grade Propylene glycol and US grade Vegetable glycerin. The US sourced nicotine and diacetyl high-grade flavoring.

Whether you are a prospective owner or manager of a brick and mortar retail vape shop, or an online e-cigarette store, you can now offer your customers excellent quality vape products and e-liquids at wholesale pricing from a wholesale vape distributor online Florida.

Please read on and we will clearly show why you should choose the Florida vape wholesale Program that we offer at Kanger Wholesale. Similarly for a breakdown of what makes the products that we offer a must for your customers.

Why Choose Kanger Wholesale USA, Florida

Why choose a  vape wholesaler and distributor? and what makes Kanger Wholesale better than the rest? 

Well, Lots!

You may be at this moment actually asking yourself why you need to choose Kanger Wholesale as my supplier of e-liquids and other vape products for my business. 

There are obviously many reasons why, but here is our top 10 list!

Solid Business History

We have been in business selling e-liquid for over six years. We are professional and highly rated with the BBB and the local chamber of commerce. Our business history and pursuit of excellence have created a stable work relationship with many of the top manufacturers who allow us to be sole distributors of their local products in the state and that makes us better than the other wholesale vape suppliers in FL.

Since 2014 we have been distributing the top vaping products and e-liquids from the top vaping makers. We have two distribution centers that carry a plethora of products, and we have the capability of shipping products all over the country and around the world.

Quality tasting e-liquids and Vape products

We carry the most perfected e-liquids and e-cigarette wholesale Florida products, and our customers are extremely satisfied with the extensive list of the top e-liquids in the country. 

Please have a look through some of the testimonials of the e-liquids and other vape products on our retail website.  

All of the e-liquids and vape products that we carry go through an extensive study (internal taste testing, kitchen experiments, testing in our manufacturers’ retail store with real customers) before we agree to work with them and sell their products.  We only sell top-performing e-liquids and other vape products.

Fast Order turnaround 

We have the capabilities to warehouse and distribute many vape products and we have the requisite inventory in our two warehouses to make us one of the top wholesale vape suppliers in FL . Similarly  have nearly all the products that you need in stock. 

All in all this means that when you place an order, for the most part, we can get your product shipped out within 24 hours and to you as soon as within 36-72 hours. This is one of the fewest turnaround rates in the industry. To get your products fast and as efficiently as possible, then try shopping on our website using the process below.

Online Order Processing 

Our Florida vape wholesale customers have the ability to order and get their products processed quicker through our online portal. Combine this with our fast order processing. Then you can have your products on store shelves or your online retail store as fast as possible. 

The most efficient and economical way to place an order would be to go to our website at and browse for the items that you need. 

Our items are set based on categories that you find at a typical retail vaping location, and you can then easily add them to the cart. We recommend that you sign up for a profile so that you have your order history and payment options saved. Our shopping cart is secure, and so is your information. If online ordering is a challenge, then our helpful sales team is also available by phone at 1-866-375-0541. 

Quantity ingredients

As the top ejuice wholesale distributor Florida , the e-liquids and other vape products that we carry are made with only a high grade of ingredients, and the nicotine is US-sourced. The flavorings are all dyateitol free and regularly tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure the quality and accuracy of nicotine levels. 

If you know anything about the vaping products from the top manufacturers, they are loved not only for their tastes but for the quality of their products and manufacturing processes that produce the best award-winning products. We have chosen to accept only the best products from these top companies so that we offer our clients those most sought after products. Independent laboratory studies are available on request.

Below average MOQ (minimum order quantities) 

You won’t have to order 200+ bottles of e-liquid with each order. We can handle all orders, both bigger and smaller.  Moreover, our minimum order sizes are very reasonable. 

As a distributor, we carry many products, and it would be inconceivable to force high minimum orders so you can mix and match your order in any way that you like, and we promise to fulfill the order.  No order to our site is too small or too big for us to handle, and we guarantee to have most of the products on your list to the best of our ability.


The most significant success of any Florida vape wholesale company is having regular customers who just love a particular flavor. The distributor, on the other hand, is to make sure that the retail customers have the beloved products available when the clients need them. 

With our long track record of success, you know when your customers fall in love with a flavor, you will be able to keep it in stock for them for years to come.  We have had happy customers ordering the same vape products from us for the last six years. We have received rave reviews from both our clients and our partnering manufacturers, we have exceeded our growth projections year after year, and we are here to stay in this business in the long run. So our primary goal is to build relationships with our clients so we can be their wholesale vape distributor online Florida for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Excellent Customer service 

Just like with our online store and retail store, our wholesale business will provide excellent customer service. We offer a phone number for contact and will be here for you to assist you with any of your wholesale questions.  Your success equals our success, and we want you to be successful! We have a competent sales team and a group of people that are motivated to work for our customers. We, in turn, offer them all the support they need to make your purchase and experience the best that it can be.  And that is why this Florida vape wholesale company is better than the rest.

Significant resale Margins

Based on our suggested retail pricing for our e-liquids and vape products, our wholesale pricing will provide more than enough space for you to enjoy a high-profit margin. We have several teared price options to reduce the price even further based on order sizes. We also offer price match guarantees and easy return policies so that both you and your customers will be guaranteed a great purchase experience.

Fantastic Vape Products Selection 

We have over 60 e-liquids flavors to choose from by the best manufacturers, and 1-2 times each month, we are getting the new flavors from them. So offering new flavors will keep your customers coming back again and again.  

We have an electronic catalog with all the e-liquid flavors that your customers will ever want, and we promise to find those that we do not have for you. Some of the top manufacturers that we distribute products to include the following:

  • Movkin
  • Pioneer4you
  • Smoant
  • Vaptio
  • Vision
  • Vladdin


Our business is one of the best Florida vape wholesale distributors, and we have been selling to our customers for six years at deeply discounted wholesale pricing. We have over the past six years as a Florida vape wholesale company, sold tens of thousands of bottles of e-liquids and e-cigarettes across Florida and are now offering e-liquids at wholesale prices that are far better than those offered by our fellow wholesale suppliers in the state. This is also evident by our price matching guarantee.