Guidance to know about the top vape brands!

Guidance to know about the top vape brands!

22nd Jan 2020

Vaping has been trending in recent times. The last few years saw an astonishing growth in the vaping scenario all over the world. This resulted in growth in the vaping industry since a lot of consumers were exposed to it. As we all know that safety from vaping is still a debatable topic but as far as research is done, it is reported to be safer than smoking tobacco.

Some medical experts have suggested the use of branded vape in order to avoid any issues caused due to the use of faulty vapes. Hence, we decided to let everyone know about the well-known vape manufacturers. Even an experienced vapor would find it difficult to recognize the best vape manufacturer. So let’s have a look at some of the best vape hardware brands.

First, you should know what vape hardware is. Vape hardware is a vaping tool, it consists of two main parts, vape mod, and the tank. All the companies manufacture both the parts, and along with that they also make vaping accessories in order to make your vaping experience enriched. So, here we present some highly recommended brands that produce vape hardware.

1. Kangertech

Kanger is also known as Kanger tech, it is one of the biggest brands in the vaping industry. They are known for their revolutionized methods and products. They came up with the box mod by launching their TopBox model. Also, they have expanded themselves with sub-ohm devices. They are considered as the leaders, they have been consistently delivering superior performances with all their products.

2. Eleaf

Eleaf comes up with simple and user- friendly devices, they focus more on beginner and intermediate vapers. They are of the view that easy to use devices will attract more people. It also reduces complications of using the device. Many times new vapers spend most of the time fumbling around with the device. Eleaf believes in making user- friendly devices.

3. Aspire

Aspire is a brand that produces customizable vapes, they make attractive and fancy devices which can suit your personality. They also sell their products in designer packages. Aspire is very popular among serious and regular vapors. Their popularity is due to its advanced technology and unique construction. If you ever feel like having a customized vaping device, then Aspire is the one for you.

4. GeekVape

As the name suggests, GeekVape is one of the best brands when it comes to innovation and engineering of its products. They are people’s favorite as they deliver what is expected from them, hence they are very popular. They sell a variety of products ranging from basic to advanced, simple and fancy, and most importantly they are suitable for all kinds of vapors.


SMOK is one of the best brands and a powerhouse vape manufacturer. They have been making profits for many years now. They have developed products that suit the new vapers perfectly with no complications. They have been focusing on a lot of customization and that has helped them with more customers, which led them to the top spot in the vaping industry. SMOK provides you with a perfect product without sacrificing anything.

6. Sigelei

If you are a vaper or know anyone who is a vaper, then there are full chances that they must have used the Fuchai box mod. The mod made by Segelei is a fan-favorite and it is used by almost every vaper at least once. They are arguably the best when it comes to mods, the focus on perfection and personalization. They manufacture a variety of products and accessories. They have been great for new as well as regular users and are fully reliable.

7. Wismec

Wismec has quickly become a staple in high-wattage everyday vape arrangements, their most popular and successful product. Pentagon shaped RX line box mod was an instant hit. They have been growing ever since and recently they started to produce a line of sub-ohm tanks and atomizers. The entire vaping community praises them for their quality products and price range. Be it your first purchase or 10th, they are always reliable and affordable. They have maintained the price range as well as the quality level of the products.

8. VaporFi

Although they come last in the list they are not less than the others. VaporFi has been simply the best brand to have manufactured vape ever. They have been everywhere from beginners to experts. They have made it effortless for vapers to understand the whole process of vaping. They are masters at producing tanks pods, pens or e-cigarettes. They provide a variety of options with reliability. If you are looking for a device, then VaporFi is a good brand. So there it is, your quick guide to know about some top vape brands. You are supposed to be aware of the products and the brand in order to buy anything. Vaping cannot be taken lightly as it can be dangerous if safety is ignored.