Know about the Best Online Vape Wholesaler and Distributor Company for Sourcing in Virginia to Grow Your Retail Business

Know about the Best Online Vape Wholesaler and Distributor Company for Sourcing in Virginia to Grow Your Retail Business

2nd Oct 2020

KangerWholesaleUSA is a well-known name in the vapor product distribution industry since 2014. We offer an enormous range of wholesale vapor supplies in Virginia. We understand how running a retail business gets tricky if you cannot provide your customers with the products they are looking for. You need to keep your customers' favorite brand stocked all the time. This is why we highly focus on the quality of our products, which made us already a big hit among retailers in the market, and the credit goes to both the quality and quick supply. We have made the entire product ordering procedure efficient and straightforward so that you can restock anytime with complete ease. Being one of the largest online vape wholesale distributor VA, we know that the market has an unlimited choice. We make sure that you get all possible help from us to expand your business, and for this, we are ready to extend all possible support anytime.

To restock, you shop with the most latest and in-demand products in the shortest time. To register in the Virginia vape wholesale company, all you need to do is register with us with the necessary details. Once the registration is done, you can instantly place the order. Our entire order processing system and the team keep track of it so that you receive them in time and always have ready stock available to meet your customer's requirements. We have a competent experts team to help you select products, while our dedicated warehouse group ensures quick shipping for wholesale vape VA.

Our goal and vision are to continue providing you with the best products and services while maintaining work ethics and promoting safe and responsible use. Our close relationship with all major vape supply manufacturers ensures that we have the latest products at the earliest. We strive to be an industry leader and trusted partner for years to come—experience quick and efficient restocking with KangerWholesaleUSA.

Most in-demand Collection of Disposable Tanks of Every Brand

Horizon vape tanks have time and again pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation, setting fresh benchmarks for others to follow. The Horizon Magico Tank is one of the most demanded disposable tanks. It has dual airflow options, which combine large airflow and micro-hole adjustment, making it suitable for all kinds of vapers. Built out of premium-grade materials and processes, the chassis is light in weight along with a compact profile, which enables both everyday carry and discretion.

This innovative device will bring the pure vaping experience back to the market to taste the most fantastic flavor ever produced from a non sub-ohm tank. It uses two types of coils to function, first is the 1.8ohm coil ideal for MTL Vaping, with a round wire and bamboo fibers for the wicking. And the second coil, being a 0.12ohm coil perfect for DTL vaping, is wrapped up in some more bamboo fibers, but it is accompanied by mesh instead of traditional coil wrapping. The 0.12-ohm coil features a smooth profile to hit directly into the airways. While the 1.8-ohm NS Coil naturally mimics the analog experience with tight draws and strong throat hits.

This versatile disposable tank integrates an e-juice borosilicate glass reservoir with 5.5ml, allowing for multiple sessions without requiring a refill. The most exciting part of this disposable tank is probably the Magico Sticks recognition system that will enable users to push the coil to its maximum limit. This produces incredible flavor and clouds without damaging the coil or E-liquid in the process. It is 25mm in diameter and comes with a slide-to-fill type opening, present at the tank's top. The Package contains Horizon Magico Nic Salt Tank, Replacement Coil (1.8ohm), User manual, and Warranty card.

The best collection of Vaping Pen Kits to source for Virginia vape wholesale company

Innokin Jem Pen Kit skillfully designed with a glossy finish of stainless steel, teardrop e-liquid viewing window, and the subtle gold band which separates the tank from the battery. Two coils come with the JEM Pen, a 1.6ohm, and a new 2.0ohm ceramic option. The stainless steel chassis makes it extremely strong. The steel around the glass tank gives added protection for the inevitable drop. It is built with both a ceramic and Kanthal coil. It is easy to operate by clicking the button 5 times to turn on the battery, and refilling is as simple as twisting the top cap.

The JEM Pen is designed for flavor, as the 2.0ohm ceramic coil gives out the intense flavor without being overpowering. Register on our online e-cigarette wholesale Virginia distribution list to get the best deals and products to offer to your customers. The Jem Pen can be called an AIO (All In One). Because rather than having a separate tank to screw the coil, like most of the vape systems, its coil is screwed directly into the battery. And then the tank is then over the top. This pen kit is a classy piece with a dimension of 16*129.5mm, which can be easily carried.

The USB charging port is conveniently placed, and there is no doubt that this vaping pen effortlessly manages to pull off the ‘less is more’ approach very well with its 1000mAh battery potential. Which supplies a constant output wattage of 13W with a maximum 5.5V voltage and functions smoothly with its 15 seconds cut off time. The maximum output current is 5A and hence can sustain long hours of usage. The Package includes Jem battery, Jem Tank (2ML), JEM 1.6 Ohm coil, JEM extra ceramic 2.0 Ohm coil, Micro USB cable, and User manual.

Supplies of E-liquid wholesale supplier Virginia at Competitive Prices

With incredibly sweet flavors, Air Factory has built a delicious empire bursting with flavor. Air Factory is famous for using high-quality ingredients to provide one of the market's best vape experiences to its users. Berry Rush eJuice by Air Factory is a one of a kind, combining creamy candy flavors with delicious fruit for an enjoyable experience. Berry Rush is a concoction of taffy infused with a variety of berries. It comes in a colorful 100ml chubby gorilla bottle.

Every 100ml bottle is designed with a unicorn bottle tip, enabling the users to easily refill tanks irrespective of the types they use. The Berry Rush e-liquid is mixed to a light 70/30 VG/PG ratio, which allows the flavors to burst inside the mouth with every hit, while still delivering a pleasant throat hit loaded with flavors. It is available in 3 different strengths: 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg based on nicotine content. Ideal for vapers that enjoy creating large clouds while getting a solid throat hit. It is a perfect treat to introduce to your customers who have a sweet tooth. This is the perfect lip-smacking treat for anyone who dreams of fruity taffy on a regular basis.

The Berry Rush will remind them of their favorite mixture of berries, such as the delicious combo of sweet strawberries and tart blueberries. This delectable freebase blend of mixed berries is sure to please your customers' taste buds from the first puff to the last. Once they taste it, they come again for more. Along with this flavor, there are many other flavor options available by Air Factory. And no matter what flavor your customers are seeking, we sure have what you are looking to offer them before anybody else!

Cost-Effective Bundle Deals of Replaceable Coils

If you have a huge customer who uses GeekVape Frenzy Kit, the GeekVape NS Replacement Coils must always be available in your store. These coils are specially crafted to take the performances of these two stunning devices to a whole new level. They are made to enhance the taste of the e-juices while ensuring that each draw is just as smooth and satisfying. This Replacement Coil is available in a pack of five replacement coils per box—definitely, an economical and smart option due to its great demand among the vaping community.

The 1.2 ohm is perfect for low to medium strength juices, while the 1.6 ohm gives a fantastic vape using higher strengths. Specially made for a unique vaping system, this coil ensures that each hit provides a smooth with inhales, intoxicating flavor, and the perfect hit to the back of the throat. The efficient wick prevents dry heats and brings a longer lifespan to the Geekvape Flint atomizer. And the NS coil is also perfectly compatible with nicotine e-liquid.

The GeekVape NS Coils maintains the perfect balance of flavor recreation and cloud production. Each coil utilizing the mesh heating technology creates a medium to deliver high nicotine salt e-juice, leaving the flavor unadulterated while translating complex juices into their true and pure form. This is an excellent option for those of your customers who own Geek Vape Flint All-in-One Starter Kit. As you can make sure that they always have compatible coils on hand so that they’ll never have to take a break from vaping. The Geek Vape NS Replacement Coils are incredibly versatile and highly durable.

Replacement Pods of Various Vape Models and Capacity

The SMOK Mico Replacement Pod highlights an ergonomically designed mouthpiece constructed to offer a curved placement that fits comfortably in the user's mouth. It is equipped with a 1.7mL refillable juice capacity with a simple side-fill mechanism to accommodate a wide range of freebase e-juices and nicotine salts. The SMOK Mico atomizer core is integrated into the pod, utilizing special cotton enclosed to provide optimal vapor production and flavor enhancement. With this, Smok has included a large rubber plug for simple refills with reduced leakage.

The Smok Mico Replacement pods are there to restore flavor and the performance of the Mico Pod Kit. For those of your customers who are looking for a little day to day MTL pod system, it is one of the highly recommended pod systems owing to its wonderful replacement availability. It comes in three options: 0.8ohm Mico Mesh Pod, 1.0ohm MICO Regular Pod, and 1.4ohm Mico Ceramic Pod.

0.8ohm pod is designed for DTL vaping as the fast-heating coil that increases vapor production. 1.0ohm is designed for MTL vaping making it suitable for 10ml e-liquid. While the 1.4ohm pod comes with a ceramic coil that has increased resistance to higher temperature settings, sustaining the lifespan of the coil. It functions on the fire pod system that gets its airflow when the pod is being used. It has a gold plated, magnetized connection for maximized conductivity.

Now you know the best wholesale vape VA Distributor and Supplier Company

E-Cigarettes & Vapor products have become increasingly popular over the years, and to keep up with the demand, we’ve got the best of the products for your store. If you are looking for a high-quality and trustable online e-cigarette wholesale Virginia source company, you are at the right place. With years of experience, we have curated the best and the most affordable vape supplies that you can choose from to offer to your customers, apart from a vast range of vaporizers and vaping accessories. We also have coils, wicks, atomizers, batteries, chargers, mods, pod systems, and much more, along with a great selection of e-liquid wholesale supplier Virginia. If it’s anything that is vaping related. Then you can be assured that the team at KangerWholesaleUSA, the best online vape wholesale distributor VA not only has it, but it’s going to be at an astonishing price.

If you are willing to get into this wholesale Vapor products business or already a retailer and wish to order from us, feel free to contact us. Call us at 1-866-375-0541 or Email us for assistance. Our expert and friendly customer support team are ready to respond to every question you have in your mind.