Procure the Top Wholesale Vape Products in Texas

Procure the Top Wholesale Vape Products in Texas

25th Sep 2020

KangerWholesaleUSA is a premier vape store and wholesale e-juice supply company serving Texas and America since 2014. We pride ourselves on how skilled our staff is and their equally experienced customer service, superior quality liquids, and consistent customer experience.

When the sale of traditional cigarettes started to drop as consumers quit the unhealthy tobacco smoking, vapor stores and the sale of electronic cigarette products began to rise; and now, more and more e-cig retailers have entered the market, which is why it is essential that your vape wholesale suppliers Texas need to be the best.

Throughout Texas and the entire US, the retail market for electronic cigarettes has rapidly grown into a multi-million dollar market. The number of e-cig customers continues to grow at high rates, and as the number of customers grows, the demand for high-quality e-juice and e-liquid flavors grows with it.

More than ever before, people are switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes or disposable pods or even vaping box mod kits. There’s plenty of information supporting e-cigs and vaporizers being an alternative, safer choice, and overall better smoking experience. It is your responsibility and our as well to provide this better experience and flavor to consumers.

Our staff at Kanger Wholesale has over 6+ years of combined e-juice mixing experience for electronic cigarettes. Along with that experience, our eJuice mixes and flavors hold a sterling reputation in providing the highest quality liquids available. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your vaping products.

Our Vape Market Experience in Texas

At Kanger, we know what e-liquid flavors your vapor customers are searching for, because not only are we a wholesaler, we are also a distributor and partner with some of the biggest vape products manufacturers in the US and worldwide. As your wholesale eliquid distributor in Texas, we will supply your store with the same award-winning e-cig liquids and flavors from these top producers.

As an e-cig liquid wholesale, Kanger provides vapor retailers with the highest-quality liquids available. Each e-liquid wholesale order is custom, which is why we mix and produce each order as it is placed and received.

Therefore, you can be sure your customers are receiving the freshest products in all of Texas. We offer our e-juice wholesale customers multiple levels of nicotine across a wide variety of e-juice recipe mixes.

Our flavor options continue to grow so you can supply what your customers are demanding. We also understand that each flavor sells at its rate; therefore, our e-liquid wholesale supply is available in multiple sizes to meet your store’s specific quantity needs.

Kanger knows the e-cig wholesale and retail markets well; we understand how important it is always to have the e-liquid flavors your customers want to stay ahead in the booming electronic cigarette market of Texas.

Whether you are searching for a wholesale vape supply Texas shop with top wholesale products for signature mixes, custom mixes, or the most up to date flavors, Kanger has what your vapor store needs to meet your e-cig customer demands. We have flavors from all types of categories like fruits, mixes, tobaccos, desserts, mints, spices, beverages, bar mixes, and even seasonal; our wholesale e-juice flavors are continually growing to meet the needs of your store and customers.

Use our vape wholesale store Texas to get you started with your vape retail location by placing a wholesale order now; our expert sales team members are ready to mix and ship your custom order.

Full and readily available supplies

Like many other young and mature adults throughout the country switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarette products, your Texas vapor store must be supplying the e-cig liquid and e-juice flavors that your customers are searching for. With Kanger Texas wholesale e-juice and e-cig products, your vapor customers will have hand-crafted e-liquid that will keep them coming back for more.

Kanger wholesale proudly provides high-quality wholesale vape distributor online Texas e-liquid flavors. Whether you have an existing vapor store or you are expanding your shop to start providing high-quality electronic cigarette and e-juice products, we are ready to stock your store with the best wholesale e-liquids in Texas.

As a Texas e-juice wholesale provider, Kanger can provide your e-cig store with the highest quality dessert liquids in town. From premium e-juice mixes to seasonal e-liquid flavors, each wholesale order is custom to meet the needs of your vapor store.

Don’t let your e-liquid flavor stock get low, and stay ahead in the e-cig vapor market by stocking your shelves with our signature e-juice flavors. Many factors go into owning and operating a successful retail store. The e-cig vapor industry is growing fast as more smokers quit traditional cigarettes and turn to vaping as an alternative, and new customers discover vapor products as well.

More customers equal more retailers; therefore, competition in the retail vapor market is growing too. No matter if you own a small local vapor shop or you are interested in opening a brand new store, you must choose a wholesale eliquid distributor in Texas that offers the e-juice mixes and flavors your customers want.

As a vapor distributor and wholesaler in the state of Texas, Kanger understands the electronic cigarette and e-juice business within the vaping market. Our manufacturing partners have earned multiple local awards for being the best vapor producers in the US. Moreover, due to our top-level customer service, vast e-juice flavor selection, and experience in the field, this recognition reflects significantly on the many aspects of our business, and we are dedicated to implementing that into our bulk e-liquid, vape tank and all sorts of vape products wholesale supply service.

Our Experience and Integrity

Kanger wholesale started as a resource for providing the best and most authentic vape products to the market. Because of this vision and fueled by our dedicated staff, our shop was soon recognized as having some of the highest-quality liquids on the market. We are now one of the top vape wholesale suppliers Texas.

Our now 6+ years of combined experience in the business has helped us offer our high-quality products to other vapor stores throughout the USA so they could succeed in the demanding e-cig and vapor markets as well.

Harnessing vapor, instead of combustion in order to satisfy a nicotine craving, is a nod to the genius of human beings. Human ingenuity is responsible for technological advances so significant; we can’t even imagine our lives without them. Our generation is marked by leap-frog businesses that reinvent products we’ve come to depend on, making them better, easier to use, safer, and more widely available and acceptable.

We have a belief in support of e-cigs and vaporizers being an alternative, safer choice to intake nicotine. Indeed, there’s evidence that vaporizers and e-cigs help wean people off of cigarettes, making it possible for people to stop smoking altogether.

Why and how is this possible?

Vape Mods and E-Cigs Offer More Options From custom blends to menthol flavors, liquids for vape mods, replacement coils and e-cigs offer a quality taste to suit any and every one.

Companies can patent their own formulas, and we can distribute these products to retailers for your customers’ consumption.

We Do Custom Orders For Texas

Every wholesale order placed with Kanger wholesale is handled with care. Because we have many products and we are the top wholesale vape supply Texas, we allow our retailers to mix and match their order to create a truly customized and unique experience. Your vapor store will be supplying some of the freshest e-liquid on the market, and your customers will notice and appreciate it too.

Our Competitive Wholesale Vape Prices in Texas

Within our large selection of wholesale e-juice flavors, you’ll see that Kanger Wholesale offers products at highly competitive prices. We have products across all categories of flavors that match nearly any price point for your vapor shop.Placing a custom bulk e-juice order with Kanger Wholesale is easy.

First, browse through our large selection of flavors and mixes so you can see what we have to offer. Then, create an account by providing your personal and company information as well as username and password. For wholesale vape distributors online Texas, you can start at

Begin selecting the different e-juice flavors and add them to your cart by choosing the other options, including Menthol or Non-Menthol, Nicotine Strength, Bottle Size, VG/PG Ratio, and Quantity. Once you fill your cart with the many high-quality flavors, simply review your cart and complete the checkout process, and your wholesale e-juice order will be on the way!

Nationwide wholesale e-liquid shipping & order history

With Kanger Wholesale, ordering and shipping are easy. Not only can we ship your ordered bulk e-liquid order at low shipping costs all over the country, but within your account, you will be able to see your order history, which will actually help you keep track of your inventory and make repeat orders even more comfortable. We’ve designed the vape wholesale suppliers Texas ordering processes to be relaxed and user friendly to help your shop supply the best e-liquids around and grow to become a successful vapor store in the USA.

Get your USA wholesale E-juice order started today with Vape Lounge. If you have any and all questions about ordering or any of our products, contact us directly at 1-866-375-0541 Or Contact us at