6th Apr 2020

Pod vape is a handheld vaping device made of two parts- the pod tank and the battery. The pod tank contains the vape juice or the e-liquid, which on the ignition, flows into the battery, which is placed right below the pod tank. This pod tank can be closed, and the tank could be refilled, depending on the product. The vape juice comes in different flavors, and the pod vape comes in an attractive metal casing. They are lightweight, thereby easy for carrying and designed to provide a pleasant, flavourful vaping experience, at any place, at any time. Here, in this article, we will discuss in detail about one such pod kit, which is considered to be a revolution in the market. It has amazing features, mostly being innovated for the first time. This is attracting a lot of customers and is proving to be a great hit in the vaping devices market.

Smok Pozz X pod kit was launched to mark the tenth anniversary of the company. This is the best opportunity to impress your customers with never- like-before features and impressive design. It is compact, easy to handle and carry around. It is made from a deep four layers of metals and still manages to look thinner than a regular pod kit.

Are your customers too choosy?

Then, yes, this product is going to surprise a lot of people with their unique designs and specifications. Some customers have specific requests, be it color of the casing, how comfortable it has to be, to hold, and what flavor the vape juice should be. This pod kit can meet all such demands, whatever your favorite vaping customers demand. The outer casing looks shiny and harder, with nice rounded- edges that make it comfortable to handle. This feature is something a customer would specifically request because such a design makes Pozz X easy to store in their pockets and also convenient to handle and use.

Pozz X Pod has three huge slots on either side, which is designed to create extremely large airflows. For customers, who have explicit needs and tilt for a specific flavor, the hit, or the cloud, this will be their first choice of product. These slots and the resulting airflows, will improve the taste and flavour of the vape juice. Do you have those customers who want to enjoy vaping all day long? This pod kit has a 4.5 ml capacity vape juice tank and also comes with a battery capacity of 1500 mAh. Both of these features ensure that the pod can last all day long and provides the customers with a satisfying vaping experience.

Another highlight of this pod kit is that the pod tank storage is made of a thick-sealed see-through glass. It is now convenient to monitor the level of vape juice remaining in the tank.

This pod kit has an adjustable power option. The power charge utilization for the pod can be adjusted between 5W and 40W. Hence, there is no worry about the device running out of charge. This can always be monitored and controlled, which is a feature worth a mention, to the customers.

What features make this Pod kit unique?

This has an outstanding battery capacity of 1400 mAh and is integrated with the pod system. 

This pod can handle a maximum power of 40W. The pod has a large 4.5 ml capacity for the vape juice, which gives an enjoyable vaping experience that can last for the whole day. There is an airflow ring at the bottom of the pod device, which is adjustable. This can help the users in achieving a perfect puff. It has a sufficient 0.96 inches display screen, which provides the basic information such as the voltage, battery power indicator, the number of puffs taken, time taken for each puff, resistance, and device 'lock & unlock' feature. The display comes with a 15 seconds timeout feature, in case of inactivity. This preserves the battery life and helps it last longer. This screen can be locked or even be switched off, with the help of the power button. You can also clear the data history regarding the number of puffs taken.

There is an air intake channel, which looks symmetrical with three spokes on either side of the battery. So, for users who prefer a direct lung vape, this provides a broader airflow and is definitely beneficial to them. This comes with 'plug-n-play' coils, and hence the customers can choose any coil as they desire. But still, they are required to be rotated into their positions. There is a silicon stopper which is placed on the side of the pod. This is an added advantage for people who often refill the e-liquid. It comes in a wide variety of colors, such as blue, black, white, orange, yellow, purple, green camouflage, grey & 7- colors and black & white camouflage.

Extensive vaping options - because of coil compatibility!

This product is going to be the favorite of customers of varied preferences and inclinations. The primary reason is that it comes with a wide variety of coil options that are compatible with this device. A triple 0.6 Ohm, mesh 0.4 Ohm, SC 1.0 Ohm, RPM RBA Coil, MTL Mesh 0.3 Ohm, DC 0.8 Ohm MTL, and Quartz 1.2 Ohm are the various coils that are compatible with this pod kit. As much as it sounds appealing for the retailers to market the product, it will be a great vaping experience for their customers.

The built-in chipset instantly recognizes the variant of the coil, once it is inserted. This way, an automatic selection of the applicable settings happens, and it will be straightforward for the customer to install and initiate the pod kit. 

There is an ignition key that is available just above the display screen. This key can be used to adjust the power charge to the desirable level, that is, a few watts higher or lower.

Do you have customers who are 'safety first' persons?

In order to ensure that the customers have a relaxed vaping experience, the pod kit comes with a lot of protection from various risks. The pods are protected against overheating and short- circuits, and the device automatically throws out a warning in any such unlikely incident. It also comes with a built-in low battery warning. This helps the customers to plan the usage of their vaping device. There is also an intelligent coil recognition and 8 seconds cut off technique, which ensures safe lighting.

What do you get with the Pod kit?

This kit consists of one POZZ X Mod, one 0.6 Ohm RPM Triple Coil, one POZZ X RPM Pod with 4.5 ml capacity, that is pre-installed with 0.4 Ohm mesh coil and a micro USB cable. It also comes with a user manual, which makes it convenient and hassle-free to handle, even for first-time customers. Additionally, there is a three- months warranty for the components in the kit, excluding the spare parts.

How can manufacturers assist the retailers who want to sell POZZ X Pod?

There is a whole network of POZZ X Pod dealers, with whom the manufacturers maintain trade deals daily. And by collaborating with SMOK and multiple retail shop owners around the globe, Kanger Wholesale has the best insights about the market feedback and the demand for each and every product. This rich information, which can be shared with the vape store owners like you, can help you target the right products to sell and build the right customer base. And that is why this product is a no-brainer!

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The bottom- lineā€¦

SMOK POZZ X pod kit is considered as a breakthrough in the vaping devices market. With extraordinary performance and battery capacity, combined with attractive designs and looks, this surely has opened the scope for more improvements and innovations in pod systems. By including this product in our arsenal, we not only have increased the number of interested and successful partners but also encouraged SMOK to invest further in innovations and come up with new quality products. 

It is, therefore, easy to conclude that there is going to be a great boom in the market for vaping devices as the manufacturers come up with devices like the POZZ X pod kit and related accessories. And it is high time that the retailers get a complete insight into the potential it possesses!

So, if you want to order POZZ X Pod Kit today to show off the brands and products in your retail vape store, or for any queries, contact us today!