The Unbelievably Easy Way To Get Wholesale Vape Products in South Carolina

The Unbelievably Easy Way To Get Wholesale Vape Products in South Carolina

1st Oct 2020

Kanger Wholesale USA is a leading SC vape wholesale supplier and exclusive distributor of multiple Vape and CBD brands. We offer products to retailers and wholesalers in and around the state of South Carolina, from chiropractors and wellness centers, pet stores, to smoke shops and pharmacies.

Kanger Wholesale USA was established in 2014 and is a US business with international reach; we bring you, our customers, high-quality e- liquids, and other vape products into the vaping industry, which is vastly growing every day.

Moreover, we give you the ultimate choice of many different brands and over 60 mouthwatering flavors.

We are a top vape wholesale company South Carolina with many eliquids, and we are a distributor for a few of the most market-leading brands throughout the world.

The business has only grown and developed into the brand that it is today since we pay careful attention to detail and give our retailers some of the best and most authentic vape products in the world today.

The idealistic vision of our team is to bring deluxe e-juice flavors to our expanding and competitive market has been our driven focus for over six years. Some of the vape world’s top flavors are on the hands of retailers today because of us.

With many years of top-notch research and some hard work, we have actually become the best e-cigarette wholesale supplier South Carolinawith top e-liquid flavors that are now scattered around the US and nationwide thanks to our distribution center in the state.

KangerWholesaleUSA strives to enhance your customers’ vaping experience both as a brick and mortar distributor and an online e-juice wholesale company South Carolina.

Don’t let our low prices fool Ya! We take great pride in the quality of our products and love that we are able to offer these supplies at prices everyone can afford. Not to mention our actual award winning customer service is second to none! We take a personal interest in each one of our customers and tend to their needs.

Kanger Wholesale premium e-Liquids and vape products may be an online vape wholesale distributor South Carolina.However, we are also a real company with real people on the other end, and we are here to serve you. We can be reached by phone at 1-866-375-0541, chat, or email, and we genuinely believe that happy customers lead to a happy and successful business.


Loving’ this Company...

5 out of 5 stars Rating

Posted By: Michael Hawkins

“Wow, am I impressed!!! E-Liquid tends to lose real flavor, but not this company. My customers are thrilled with our new flavor line up, and so are we. The prices are more than reasonable, not to mention the quality of the juice. I am a delighted customer here.”

Incredible Flavors!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Rated

Posted By: Terry Lynwood

“With so many products on the market, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was delighted when I received my first order. The flavors are robust, and the eliquid vapes very well.”

Best Wholesale Prices I have seen so far

5 out of 5 stars Rated

Posted By: Kim Vapeologist

“I am happy to be paying half the price for my supplies from the best e-cigarette wholesale supplier South Carolina. I was actually very surprised and glad because of the quality of these products, though. Moreover, they save my business tons of money”

Below are some of the top vape products in our warehouse.


Our ejuices come from the top manufacturers in the business today, from Air Factory to Smok to KangerTech and Vaporesso, Ismoka, and Candy King. They come in different flavors and sizes for your customers’ needs. You will never go wrong by offering any of the following delicious ejuices to them. The Premium e-liquids come in a standard base blend that consists of a 60% Vegetable Glycerin 40% Polyglycerin. We believe this blend gives the most satisfaction for Vape production and throat hit, and you can literally choose from hundreds of premium robust flavors.

Below are some examples of our ejuices.

  • Tropic Mango and coconut flavors without the melting mess. Your customers can indulge in the fantastic flavor without the guilt of calories! This flavor is definitely an e-juice favorite of ours because it has excellent taste and superb quality.
  • Root Beer Float - Take sweet vanilla ice cream and drown it in our classic root beer, making for a fantastic e-liquid flavor that will take the user back to your best childhood memories. It is absolutely blissful, and a clear must try ejuice.
  • Melon Lush E-juice - Our Melon Flavored E-liquid is delicious, tart, and fully bursting with flavor. It is FRESH and made from the best melon fruits that are sourced in the US. The eliquid is made from only the purest raw ingredients and flavored with approved commercial flavorings.

Vape Tanks

What can we say, the top vape tanks are well made and durable, and have large capacities that allow for massive juice flow. They have a fantastic selection of interchangeable coils (of which new ones are being designed as we speak and the coils which we’re most looking forward to are the temperature sensing ones) turn the tank’s reservoir of e-juice into massive flavors and spectacular clouds.

There are quadruple coils that give off a purer, much more flavor than the triple coils. You also don't require you to ramp the wattage up high to get to those exquisite flavors.

Remember, lower temperatures help sub-ohm tanks function at optimum levels. Some have funky drip tips, which stay super cool, and it has a fantastic RBA section.

Short of building your atomizer coils, using a preconfigured Tank is the next best thing. These pre-fashioned clearomizer also genuinely produce some of the best vaping experiences that we have ever had. Bold flavors, ridiculously big clouds, long vape sessions because of the whooping 4-5ml capacity, and never a dry vape or leak to be had. Not to mention its adjustable juice and airflow features make vape tanks necessary vaping components, and we have a plethora and an even larger variety of them for your customers’ needs.

Squonk Kits

Squonk kits are vape systems that are built to use Squonk-ready Rebuildable atomizers. Top manufacturers produce these highly available kits that are incredibly powerful, which means that these devices have an extraordinary temperature range 10°C-90°C – and even better. They have unsurpassed temperature control systems that are not only powerful but have stamina too.

A fully charged battery can last about seven hours, and every puff is as potent and as tasty as the last. The switch from regular to Squonk mode is usually a breeze since the unit’s buttons are smooth and responsive.

These top Squonk kits are made from sturdy materials that help limit scratching, and that’s something you certainly don’t want happening to the gorgeous kits. Honestly, these kits are not for everyone; however, if you are a purist, with their performance and looks, not to mention how customizable they are, then these kits are worth a try. They are ideal for any hardcore vaper who loves fine-tuning their vape and being able to taste exquisite flavors throughout the day.

Vape Coils

Vape coils are the engine that drives any vape kits, and you need to pay a little extra attention to them because your customers definitely will.

The single-coil RTA may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a powerhouse. The tanks that house this coil boast large airflows thanks to 4mm wide air holes, representing a stellar flavor performance. The coils are usually so simple to install, and the post holes are large enough for the adventurous beginner to wick any coil if they felt like doing so.

There’s also the option to control how much e-juice gets to saturate the wick, making the flavor and vapor production just superb.

Some mods have simplistic but effective designs that mimic sub-ohm tanks that deliver immense flavors and massive clouds. It achieves this because the coils have been integrated with an automatic e-juice flow control system and a generous Velocity-style two-post deck into this fantastic RTA.

Some pods also have a ceramic deck and chamber, which prevents shorting, and with custom coils, your customers can actually get creative and make a variety of different sized builds.

All of these coil options and features combined with a powerful box mod work superbly well and always provides your customers with a potent, airy draw.

Disposable Pods

For those clients new to vaping, then the disposable pods are the way to go. These single-use vaping products like pens that are disposable after the e-liquid runs out, and one cannot refill them.

As with anything from the top manufacturers, the disposable pods still perform exceptionally well, and they are as equally important as they are affordable.

Thanks to the single-use build, your clients do not have to worry about refills or taking care of the pod, and they are left to enjoy some top-notch flavors without any hassle.

The disposable pods are still built with great airflow controls and are much less prone to leaking than the other regular RTAs. Once the beginner has figured out the lighting part, which is as simple as flicking a switch, then they are ready to go, and it’s all ready for use.

The disposable pod is inexpensive, incredibly easy to use, and with a whole host of robust smoke and fantastic flavors to help your customers get the perfect vape. This unit does check all the boxes.