You’re Running Out of Vape Supplies! What Should You Do Next?

You’re Running Out of Vape Supplies! What Should You Do Next?

1st Oct 2020

In North Carolina, there is one vape wholesaler and distributor that every vape products retailer should know about. Kanger wholesale USA is a true and tried vape supplier who has partnered with the top vape manufacturer in the US and worldwide.

If you are a retailer looking for a wholesale e-cigarette company in North Carolina, then you can check out Kanger wholesale USA via their website, or you can call them at-1-866-375-0541. Their customer service and sales support will be glad to help you with your order.

Starter Kits

Thisvape wholesale NCsupplier has starter kits and many other vape products for your customers’ enjoyment. We promise that you will always have the most authentic and best starter kits available because we value our customers as well as you do yours.

VooPoo Drag Max Kit

Do your customers want velvety hits from the first draw to the last and need a new heating attachment for a box mod or waxy vape pen? Does it have a 510 threaded battery-equipped?

Well, you are in luck because the VooPoo Drag Max Kit is one of the top starter kits on the market today, and at Kanger, we have this and many more kits.

The VooPoo Drag Max sends the vaping experience to new levels. The mod comes with two 18650 batteries with a maximum output of 177W. It has a redesigned interface with an Innovative GENE. FAN 2.0 Chip that has the user in mind, which makes it brings its user-friendliness to new heights. And something that your customers will enjoy.

Moreover, it comes installed with the new VOOPOO PnP Pod Tank, a custom new atomizer concept. This system allows replacements between a pod cartridge and a 510-thread tank and is compatible with all PnP coils.

These PnP Pod systems also have made ejuice replacement easier with a double-hole air insulation design.

Pen Kits

Vape pens have been designed and created by some of the most ingenious people on the planet, and the technology they use to manufacture their pens is some of the most innovative and high-tech in the world.

These engineering wonder kinds knew precisely what it was that medicinal users and recreational potheads are desperately searching for in a smoking experience. Through applied science and weed magic, they managed to create a product that’s truly life-changing and high-enhancing. This also happens to be a great sales point for your customers.

What’s essential about vape pens is their capacity for their battery mAh. This refers to how many puffs one can take before the battery needs to be charged again.

Most slender vape pens range from 90 to 280 puffs, but there are other designs with a much higher battery life, and they can give you anywhere from 650 to 1100 mAh.

Mr. Freeze Banana Frost Disposable Vape Pod

Mr. Freeze is known for its icy flavors since they add the frosty menthol to most of their products. This banana frost vape pen and the pod is no different. You will get the juicy taste of a banana and the cool taste of menthol to create a dilatable taste for the palate. Your clients who have a preference for fruity flavors will love the banana. Besides, the menthol will leave them refreshed, and finally, the disposable pen will allow them to try this flavor and others in the line. The pen is compact and easy on the fingertips. Moreover, it has a liquid capacity of 1.3ml and a battery capacity of 280 mAh.


Kanger is a top ejuice wholesale company in North Carolina, with some tasty and authentic ejuice in the state. Below are some of those brands of ejuice available.

Mr. Freeze Watermelon Frost Salt 30ml E-Juice

Mr. Freeze is one of the top ejuices on the market. Their flavorings and Cannabidiol account for 15 percent of what makes up their e-Juice. They typically make ejuice from organic, natural ingredients or manufacture oils that work in the same fruity flavors for those with a sweet tooth.

The Watermelon Frost Salt is a 30ml e-juice Nicotine Salt with a fresh, sweet watermelon flavor and cooling menthol taste. Nic salts have become very popular in the vaping world, and your clients will enjoy this product. The Watermelon and menthol flavorings give this salt such intense, delectable flavors that mirror the terpenes (aromatic molecules) of the watermelon fruit that turn an excellent vaping session into a great one.

Mr. Freeze Berry Frost Salt 30ml E-Juice

Most e-juices that are high in CBD don’t come with added or synthetic flavorings. If there is any flavor at all, it comes from the cannabis plant’s terpenes and flavonoids. Companies such as Mr. Freeze add flavorings to their CBD e-Juices to spice things up a bit.

This is true with the Mr. Freeze Berry Frost Salt 30ml E-Juice. The wild berry flavor that is both sweet and tangy add the cool menthol to the blend, and one has a taste that hits the taste buds and leaves the user satisfied with every hit.

Pod Cartridges

Kanger, like your vape wholesale distributor North Carolina, also has some of the top pod cartridges available.

Pod Cartridges are some of the most versatile components in the vaping world. They genuinely produce some of the best vaping experiences that we have ever had.

Bold flavors, ridiculously big clouds, and long vape sessions are all thanks to the mega capacities available today. Not to mention its adjustable juice and airflow features. The great and versatile thing is also the fact that these cartridges can be easily replaced.

Lost Vape Thelema Empty Replacement Pod Cartridge

The Lost Vape Thelema Empty Replacement Pod Cartridge is still the best replacement for one of the top pods from producer Lost Vape. The replacement cartridge is for the Lost Vape Thelema 80W Pod mod Kit.

The Lost Vape Thelema 80W Pod mod Kit replicates the drawing that your clients would get from taking a drag on a joint. So, even though they’re vaping, it kind of feels like they’re smoking, which can be a comfort for those trying to quit, or is excellent for those looking for the sensation.

Either way, though, to help unlock the perfect draw, the Lost Vape Thelema has four different airflow settings, which you can adjust to fine-tune the mouth to lung vape.

The Thelema works with any mini box mod from the maker and runs on e-Juice and even e-Liquids with a 100 percent VG base, which is impressive. And thanks to its revolutionary coils, it can produce some fantastic flavors, like the types of flavor you’d get from sub-ohm vaping.

The Type –C rechargeable battery offers long life and quick charging options for the Thelema, which will be a modern feature for any user of this product.

Disposable Tanks

North Carolina vape online wholesale company will offer many disposable tanks that your customers are looking for. Disposable tanks have a large capacity to hold e-Liquid. However, these tanks are also one-off or one-use items that are entirely replaced once the eliquids evaporate.

They’re a combination of disposable cartridges and atomizers. And are typically made of polyfill surrounded by gauze, then wrapped around an atomizer coil, centered in a plastic tube. They are usually transparent because they’ve been designed to show users how much e-Liquid is left in their vape pen; moreover, they’re made from thin plastic, which is easy to crack.

Innokin GoMax Tank

This Innokin GoMax Tank is one of the top tanks on the market and is sought after by many of your customers. It is excellent at maximizing the diffusion of aroma and comes with a large tank that’s about 5.5ml big. This means that your customers will love using it for a longer time without needing to replace it. Its components include the drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil, and base of the atomizer.

The tank is a functional and easy-to-use atomizer and represents the future of vaping. It features a Pyrex steel and glass coating to control the amount of liquid in the tank, and the user can avoid damage due to shocks or falls.

It is child-proof with a safety lock; prevents the accidental opening of the electronic device by minors. Similarly, the liquid contained within the atomizer cannot be ingested.

Sub-ohm Tanks

If you’re looking for a premium sub-ohm tank for your customers that can be refilled on the fly and which transforms great e-Juice flavors into phenomenal ones, then you need the Kanger Wholesale sub ohms in your life. They are some of the top-filling tanks currently on the market.

They are ideal for the vaping veteran customer who likes the finer things in life. These tanks are worthy of any vape king or queen. Sleek, elegant, reliable, and well-crafted, with multiple coil configurations (made from Stainless Steel and a wick from 100 percent cotton), large capacity for e-Juice, temperature control, and 80W range mean that users can tinker to their heart’s content to get the most out of their vaporizer.

The Smok TFV9

What can we say? The Smok TFV9 is a beast. And yes, while it does have a few cons (it’s a thirsty glutton, it soaks up e-Juice and battery power like they’re going out of style, and there have been reports that some users have experienced tanks that leak), but the pros, in our opinion, far outweigh the bad.

The TFV9 is well made and durable, and its large capacity allows for massive juice flow. The fantastic selection of interchangeable coils (of which new ones are being designed as we speak and the coils we’re most looking forward to are the temperature sensing ones) turn the tank’s reservoir of e-juice into massive flavors and spectacular clouds.

We preferred the TV9 coils as they gave off a purer, much more flavorsome vape than the other coils managed to achieve. You also don’t have to ramp the wattage up as high to get to those exquisite flavors. Remember, lower temperatures help your sub-ohm tanks function at optimum levels. Other pros include its funky drip tip, which stays super cool, and it has a fantastic RBA section.