Kanger SOCC Replacement Coil - 5PK

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Kanger SOCC Replacement Coil - 5PK Wholesale | Kanger Replacement Coil Wholesale

The Kanger SOCC (Single Organic Cotton Coils) Replacement Coils are 100% authentic and promise the best in performance and quality! The new Kanger SOCC coils are made with pure Japanese cotton in replace of fibre wick and assist in producing very precise flavors from your E-juicesThe Kanger SOCC Replacement Coils are specifically designed for use with the Evod BC Clearomizer, the Kanger Protank 2 and the Kanger Mini Protank 1. These coils are also available in resistances 2.2ohm, 2.5ohm and the two most common,1.5ohm and 1.8ohm.

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Coil Details:
  • 1.5ohm
  • 1.8ohm 
  • 2.2ohm 
  • 2.5ohm
  • Japanese cotton wick

Package Contents:

  •  1x Kanger SOCC Replacement Coil - 5PK

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