MIO Stix Menthol Blast Disposable Vape Pod - 10PK

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MIO Stix Menthol Blast Disposable Vape Pod Wholesale | MIO Stix Disposable Pod System Wholesale

Menthol Blast 20MG - This is the best menthol vape out there. Nothing comes close to this. It is the closest thing a menthol cigarette smoker will need! Flavorful tobacco leaves and smooth mint and menthol are added at the right levels to make it the best menthol vaping experience.

This flavor from MiO is not just good, it’s the best you will ever get. The flavor of traditional dark tobacco leaves with menthol and mint will replace your menthol cigarettes in a moment, without a doubt.

Flavor Profile  

Dark Tobacco Leaves – The traditional flavor of fire-cured dark tobacco leaves makes the whole vaping experience enjoyable
Menthol – Menthol makes the strong salt nic taste flavorful and soothing in the throat
Mint – The sweet flavorful taste of spearmint and peppermint accompanied by a cooling sensation and distinct scent

Here is why you should buy the MiO Stix Menthol Blast disposable vape;

Effortless Vaping – Get a rush of fresh Icy, fruity & tobacco flavors instantly with on-draw activation. That means, no complicated mechanisms, buttons or draw mechanism, just effortless vaping experience.

Zero Maintenance – The MiO Stix disposable e-cigs come with a built-in battery that is fully charged and filled with 1.2 ml of 20mg flavored e-juice – enough to last for days at end. No refilling, no maintenance, just use and dispose of.

Perfect for On-the-Move Vaping – The sleek and almost weightless device is easy to carry and discreet to use, making it the perfect disposable vape for your active lifestyle.

Package Contents:
  • 10 x Disposable Menthol Blast MiO Stix Device