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  1. Why should I pre-order at Lightfire?


When a product is released by a manufacturer and we place an order, we offer a pre-order option to our customers. Most manufacturers only release a limited quantity to all distributors. While we are generally always given one of the largest allocations, we often sell out of a new product within days of receipt. By placing a pre-order you can reserve a product and be one of the first to receive it. 

       2.   How do I pre-order?  


             Pre-order products are purchased exactly like all other products. Simply select the color and quantity and place them in your cart. You will pay for the pre-order products at the time you checkout. 


       3.  Can I combine pre-order and in-stock products and when will they ship? 


             Yes, you can have pre-order products and in-stock products in the same order. The in-stock products will ship immediately. The pre-order products will ship when they arrive. Sometimes different colors of the same product will arrive in separate shipments . If this occurs, we will send your -pre-order products as they arrive. 



        4. Will I pay another shipping fee? 


             No. We will pay to ship your pre-order items once they arrive if they cannot be combined with a pending order. 


        5. What is the ETA for Pre-Sale products? 


            This  depends on the manufacturer, shipping, customs, and other factors beyond our control. A general rule of thumb is that most items arrive within three (3) weeks of our first posting of the product. However, for updates and estimated arrival time you can always contact our Customer Service Team at  Email: or 

Toll-free: 1-866-375-0541.

         6. What if a pre-order cannot be filled? 


              From time to time, a manufacturer will cancel a product prior to its introduction or shortly thereafter. If this occurs we advise you and credit your account. 




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