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Synthetic Nic also known as Non-Tobacco Nicotine or Tobacco Free Nicotine is the latest trend among nicotine enthusiasts. Synthetic Nicotine is created in laboratories without the use of Traditional Tobacco plants to derive the nicotine. Synthetic nicotine comes in different flavors and strengths and are in itself completely odorless and tasteless. Some of the most popular synthetic nicotine products that we offer include FRE NTN Moist Mint Pouches, FRE NTN Moist Lush Pouches, FRE NTN Moist Mocha Pouches, NIIN Wintergreen TFN Primed Nicotine Pouch, FRE NTN Moist Wintergreen Pouches, FRE NTN Moist Sweet Pouches, NIIN Cool Mint TFN Primed Nicotine Pouch, and many more. We carry the latest and most popular synthetic nicotine products in bulk to offer our retailers the best possible prices. Buy wholesale synthetic nicotine products only when you shop from Kangerwholesaleusa


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