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E-Juices also known as E-Liquid or Vape Juice is a viscous substance that is filled into an e-cigarette to produce nicotine or flavored vapors. The e-liquids are formulated using Nicotine, Vegetable glycerine( VG), Propylene glycol(PG), and Flavored chemicals. Ideally, there are three varieties of Vape juices available in the market:

  • Synthetic E-Juice: It is also known as Tobacco-free Nicotine that has been chemically processed in standardized laboratories to emulate nicotine taste ideally.

  • Freebase E-Juices: It is formulated by converting the nicotine salts into their purest form to deliver a smooth nicotine hit.

  • Nic Salts: These types of E-juices are formulated using the chemical concoction of Organic nicotine and Benzoic acid that offers massive nicotine satisfaction.

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