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Mesh Tanks

Mesh Tanks are Vape tanks that use advanced level Mesh Coils. Mesh Coils have a larger surface area which makes the absorption easier so the vape device can produce more and more dense clouds. It brings out the flavors more effectively. The production of more vapors makes the Mesh Tanks ideal for DTL(Direct-To-Lung) vaping. It is for this reason that we recommend the best quality vape coils to advanced vapers to bring the best vaping experience to their lungs. 

The suggested E-Juice VG/PG ratio of 70/30 is designed to bring more and more vapers into the experience. Mesh Coils is a groundbreaking discovery that uses less E-Juice and produces more vapers. 

At KangerWholeSaleUsa, we provide Mesh Tanks that are manufactured by the leading brands in the world. Our prices are the best in the market and are to be bought only in bulk quantities. 

We aim to deliver the highest quality products from the leading brands in the world. We also aim at delivering the products in mint condition.