Advantage of Buying Wholesale Vapes

Advantage of Buying Wholesale Vapes

22nd Apr 2020

Nowadays, most people are shifting towards vaping to lessen the effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. For all the retailers who want to go for vaping supplies, then the best way is to buy them in bulk. Buying wholesale vape helps you to save money and time. Purchasing products for your vape shops is one of the most critical elements of running a successful business. But unfortunately, it is one of the most daunting tasks that you will encounter. A few years ago, there were very few vape wholesale companies serving the market. Today, there are hundreds! 

Why should you buy Wholesale Vapes?

For vape shop owners, buying wholesale vape products in bulk is the most affordable way to supply their business. Wholesale typically set specific prices based on the number of products that a retailer purchases, so the more a client orders, the cheaper the pay per item becomes. A wholesaler may sell a particular product at the cost of $10 per pack for an order of 100 packages, for example, but if a client orders 200 packages, the price will go down to $5 a pack, saving the clients more profit. Buying your vape stocks from a wholesaler is much more beneficial than any other alternative. If you are not assured, let the privileges talk for themselves:

Cost Saving

Purchasing from wholesale vaping supplies helps you to save money. Understandably, all the vape stores have many overhead costs. Every retail business has a lot of overhead costs with their business, too; that is why it is crucial to find cost-saving options wherever possible. Especially when it comes to ordering the most purchased products that you avail in-store for your customers. Therefore, going for these goods from wholesale suppliers, you will be able to get the same products but at overall lower prices.

Overcomes the Problem of Shortages

In the free and open market structure of this world, running out of any vape product can negatively affect your business. With the rise in popularity and demand for vape products, the scenario, as mentioned earlier, will only lead to disappointment from the customers who, in turn, will shift to a competitor's shop. Your store must have enough supplies to cater to all your customer's needs. It can be solved by buying vaping supplies in bulk from a wholesaler.

Variety of Products

As the wholesalers dealing with vape products are likely to have more connections in the market of vaping supplies. The majority of the users want to have a wide range of options to choose their vaping devices and accessories. Also, when ordering in wholesale, retailers get vaping supplies in various sizes, and per your customer's preference and taste. Even according to Forbes, buying in wholesale helps business owners to find products with the right profit margin for a successful business. By tying up with wholesale business, you will also get to know the products that assure repeat order. This will increase the overall sales and profit of your store.

Helps you Stay Updated with Industry's Regulations

Vape products regulations are continually shifting. No retailer wants a situation where they have to shut down or go under losses because of their unawareness of the new rules. Whereas, vape products wholesalers are always informed of every state rule and regulation of the industry. Forming a close work relationship with a wholesaler means that you will always be notified of the rules, you will have to worry about while dealing with vape products.


Purchasing in bulk makes moving goods easier as compared to when buying in singles. As long as you buy your products from the same wholesaler, it becomes effortless to re-order whenever you run out of popular products. It also becomes very comfortable since, with a single order, all the bulk goods are delivered to you at the same time at less cost. Which, in turn, saves you a lot in terms of money and time. It can be a great benefit for a vape shop owner to have a dependable and trustworthy associate to do business with. Therefore having a trusted wholesale supplier when you need to buy vape products in bulk can help to eradicate any concerns you may have about running low on vape products to supply to your shop. Since wholesale vape suppliers often have many connections in the vaping industry that you may not have. Retaining your shop always stocked with vape products will keep your customers happy and satisfied, giving them a reason to come in regularly to purchase the products they require.

Ordering Wholesale Vape Products from China versus the US

The chief decision that you need to make is whether you will be ordering primarily from US-based wholesalers or directly from China. Ordering directly from China may seem attractive to many businesses at first, but there are drawbacks that most people neglect, which harms their businesses in the long run.

Drawbacks of ordering wholesale products from China:

  • Time zone difference
  • Much longer lead and shipping times
  • Tiered pricing or Minimum order quantity(MOQs)
  • Little to no protection from unscrupulous companies
  • Difficult or expensive return merchandise authorization (RMA) or Warranty policy 

For the majority of retail businesses, purchasing directly from China will not make sense. Unless they are ordering in enormous quantities, which is practically not viable, the prices are not much lower than at US distributors. The money that you may save from purchasing is typically eaten up by expensive shipping fares. The real profit does not start kicking in until you begin ordering extremely high amounts, that is why US wholesalers are the best option for retailers to fetch high-profit margins. This is how US-based wholesalers make their vaping business work. 

Advantages of ordering wholesale vapes from US Wholesalers: 

  • Higher profit margin on products
  • A vast range of product selection available
  • Popular and new items go out of stock in flashes
  • Products typically only kept in stock 2-3 months before being sold-out

The assurance to rely on fast shipping and quick turnaround time limit enables retailers to carry less inventory on hand, which frees up cash to spend in other areas to expand your business. This allows you to sell products with confidence to your customers. Your customers will trust your shop, as they can happily replace an item for them or refund their money, knowing that your wholesale company will take care of the issue quickly.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Vape E-liquid

For all vape stores, among all the vape products, e-liquids prove to be the essential product. Because of their regular demand and consumers are continually looking out for more flavor options to try out. For vape store retailers, buying wholesale e-liquid is something that you will have to consider throughout your business period. Placing bulk orders of e-juice from wholesale is beneficial in many ways, to enlist a few:   

  1. More Money Savings: Purchasing e-liquid from wholesale suppliers means you will get hands-on access to high-quality and latest products that, too, at an affordable cost. With the elimination of the middleman and distributor, the supply chain saves more money because you do not have to pay any of their expenses. Also, by bypassing distributors, you'll have to pay the wholesale price of the products, which will be comparatively lower. The reason why distributor rates are higher is that they also have to make money, so they buy the products at wholesale and then sell them at a higher margin price to gain profit. 
  2. Package Sizes: E-liquid wholesale suppliers also offer you a range of different sized e-liquid packages. In most of the cases, customers do not always know whether they like a flavor or not and will want to get the tester to try it out before purchasing the expensive, yet cost-effective ones. Providing a wide selection of sizes allows your customers to make more choices and warrants repeat purchases. 
  3. Trade Data: Businesses who deal directly with the wholesaler, they have access to the methods of formulating the e-liquids. Information regarding ingredients, flavors, packaging, and supplying are just a few of the things they have access to. By this data, retailers can easily compare different products so as to find the best deals for the highest quality vape product.
  4. Access to Deals and Alliances: Buying for wholesale vape e-liquid gives you the opportunity to create a long and valuable relationship with the brands and wholesalers. With this alliance, they will think of you when it comes to new deals and the launch of new products before any other place. Vape wholesalers also have a strong connection in the industry, which means that you can connect with industry experts and learn from what others are doing to make their businesses prosper.
  5. Extra Money:< When you have a direct relationship with the wholesaler, you're getting the products at cheaper rates than you would than using a distributor. Ducking out the third party means that you can sell the goods in your shop for the same price you normally would, but receive them at wholesale, cheaper costs. 
  6. Always Available for Supply: No store wants to deal with running out of popular goods, especially when you have regular customers and know what types of e-liquid they buy. With the popularity, the vaping world is growing each day; therefore, retailers can expect more, and more customers will be coming looking for vape juice and options available to them. Yet, maintaining a steady supply can be difficult while working with distributors. Buying wholesale vape products means that you'll never run out of supply. Even if you do, you can usually get the products shipped in a short time so that you can convince your customers that you know what they want and can make it available to them when they require it. Running out of stocks can be damaging to any business. A customer coming in for a particular flavor might leave without making a purchase and switch to another vape shop for regular purchases. Nobody wants to lose a customer this way. Preferably, work with Kanger Wholesale USA, and we can ship products to you whenever you need them. 

Guide to Purchase Wholesale Vape Products

Finding the right wholesaler is not always an easy process. While, it may take a long time to try out all of the available vaping devices, e-liquid flavors, and accessories. Also, the factors that define the price of wholesale vape products include brand value, technology, design, and packaging, to name a few. Higher-end products are typically sold with creative packaging and contain a higher quality device and elements. Great quality e-liquid contains multiple food-grade flavoring extracts and often have numerous flavors that offer more complex flavor recipes as opposed to a cheap product with single flavors packaged in plastic bottles.

To begin your search, check out the Kanger Wholesale USA site to discover the collection of brands and products. You can then create a listing of all the brands, products, and variants you want to stock in your store. Of course, you can always check our website for any other information you may find valuable. 

How to Store Bulk Vape E-liquid Safely

When e-liquid is exposed to both heat and light, the nicotine present in vape juice oxidizes faster. Therefore, it is essential to store vape products in a cold and dark place to slow down the oxidation process and to conserve the flavor of the e-liquid products for a longer time. While picking up a bulk order, it is necessary to take extra precaution, particularly extreme hot and cold times, because vape juice is sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Why Kanger Wholesale USA is Right for Your Vape Shop

One of the most frequently asked queries that we get to hear from our clients. Since 2014, Kanger Wholesale USA has provided stores with the best and authentic vapor products at competitive prices. With one of the largest inventories of hardware and e-liquids, we ship products all over the globe working with the major shipping companies and freight services. Because of our close relationship with all major manufacturers, ensures that we have the latest products of the industry at the earliest time. There are plenty of reasons why we assure that we do an excellent job, here are a few reasons to look for:  

  • Brands: It makes one of the most important things for retailers to take into consideration. Except you want to fill your shop exclusively with a single brand product, you'll need to discover other brands and unique products to offer to your customers. With time and popularity vaping the masses, users are always hunting to get a hand on the latest products, unique flavors, and new tech vaping devices. On our site, you will identify the most popular and latest vape products to offer to your customers.
  • Shipping Cost and Policy: This goes right along with the location of your delivery address. But worry not, with a worldwide delivery option, we have got you covered. No matter how much quantity you offer, you will get your purchased goods right on time and in good condition with the best of the delivery services out there. Even in particular areas, depending upon the distance and quantity of goods your order, we also provide free shipping service. Many times and some locations, even if we may not be able to offer free shipping but subsidized or discounted rates are provided over a certain dollar amount. Apart from free shipping, the delivery duration is also considerable, with many supplies guaranteed to be delivered in a short time. Confirmed Orders are usually processed within 24 business hours of being placed, and if it is received by 3pm EST, it is shipped on the same day. After the order is processed successfully, you receive your package within 2-5 business days. For more information regarding our shipping, you can check out the shipping section on our website.
  • Warranty and RMA Policy: Warranty and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) policies are frequently overlooked because many retailers purchase wholly based on price alone. The few pennies that you potentially save during order won't help you if you're sitting on a pile of defective merchandise that you can't do anything with. According to our business policies, returns on all unopened, damaged, or faulty products must be registered within 45 days from the process of shipment of the product. You can also contact our Customer Service Team regarding any concerns. 

Undoubtedly, wholesale companies will always give you a better deal for buying vape products in bulk orders. If you are trying to make every penny that you spend go as far as possible, the most thriving tactics are to order vaping hardware and other vape products from US-based wholesalers. This all being discussed, we can all agree that buying vaping products in wholesale is way more convenient and profitable considering all the points discussed above. Next time you intend to purchase bulk vape supplies for your store, contact Kanger Wholesale USA.