FreeMax FireLuke Mesh M Replacement Coils -5PK

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FreeMax FireLuke Mesh M Replacement Coil -5PK | FreeMax Replacement Coil Wholesale

The FreeMax FireLuke Mesh M Replacement Coil is the most updated version of the original FreeMax Mesh Coils, The X1 Mesh Coils, SS316L Mesh Coils, X2 Mesh Coils, and X3 Mesh Coils. The 360 degree E-liquid feeding allows to burn faster while soaking E-liquid just as fast to minimize dry hits and burnt coils. Made with  90% porous flax cotton & a 10% cotton formula, these coils are the pinnacle of flavor! the FreeMax Twister Coils (Fireluke M Coils) offer a stylistic design and great flavor compared to all the other mesh coils in the market. The FreeMax Twister Starter Kit only gets better with these coils! J

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Compatible With: FreeMax Twister Kit / FireLuke M Tank

Coil Features:

  • X1 - Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 40-90W)
  • X2 - Mesh Coil (0.2Ω / 40-80W) 
  • X3 - Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 50-90W)
  • X4 - Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 40-80W)
  • SS316L - Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 400-550F)
  • NX2 - Mesh Coil (0.5Ω / 20-35W)
  • TX1 - Mesh SS316L Coil (0.12Ω / 400-550F)
  • TX1 - Mesh Kanthal Coil (0.15Ω / 40-90W)
  • TX2 - Mesh Coil (0.2Ω / 40-80W)
  • TNX2 - Mesh Coil (0.5Ω / 20-50W)
  • TX3 - Mesh Coil (0.15 / 50-90W)
  • TX4 - Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 40-80W)
  • 360 Degree E-liquid Feeding mechanic
  • 90% Porous Flax Cotton
  • 10% Cotton
  • 5ml E-liquid Capacity

Package Contents:

  • 1x FreeMax FireLuke Mesh M Replacement Coil -5PK