Innokin Plex 3D Mesh Replacement Coil -5PK

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Innokin Plex 3D Mesh Replacement Coil -5PK | Innokin Vape Wholesale

The Innokin Plex3D Mesh Coil is the next generation mesh coils is in the advanced design and manufacturing process. The Innokin Plex3D Mesh Coil's 'Micro Grooves' are cut across a special mesh design which increases the coil surface area for better flavors from all of your favorite E-liquids. Plex3D coils heat faster at lower wattages for longer lasting vaping. traditional coils waste power and hear, upgrading your coils to the Plex3D will have you experience the next generation mesh coils and and allow you to enjoy more vaping time with less power. The unique geometric design of the Plex3D coil creates capillary action to draw E-liquids across the coils more quickly and evenly. Basically faster wicking means better vaping and helps to eliminate dry-hits.

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Coil Details:

  • Next Generation 3D Mesh Coil Technology
  • Plex3D Pattern with ‘Micro-Grooves’ Boosts Flavors.
  • Ultra-Rapid Heat-up and Cool-down Extends Coil Life.
  • High Efficiency Coil Power Flow.
  • Organic Cotton and Wood-Pulp Wicking.
  • 30 – 55 Wattage Range (0.35Ω KAL)
  • Plex3D Coil is Compatible with Innokin iSub Tanks.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Plex3D Coil (0.35Ω)