Lost Vape Q Pro Coil - 5PK

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LostVape Q-Pro Replacement Coil - 5PK Wholesale | Lost Vape Replacement Coil Wholesale

The LostVape Q-Pro Replacement Coil is designed for none other than the Q-Pro Replacement Pod! Once again, the Q-Pro adopts the ability to change coils, no more having to buy 2 pods, rather now you'll will be able to purchase 5 coils at one time! Effectively lowering future costs when it comes down to buying replacements/replenishments. These coils are monsters, and are able to handle the new Q-Pro Kits power with ease. LostVape has raised the bar once again!

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Coil Details:

  • 1.0ohm Regular
  • Organic Cotton
  • Salt Nicotine Optimization
  • Freebase Nicotine Optimization

Package Contents:

  • 1x LostVape Q-Pro Replacement Coil 5PK