Lucy Breakers Capsule Nicotine Pouches 15ct - 5PK

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Introducing Lucy Breakers Capsule Nicotine Pouches 15ct - 5PK, the innovative choice for a tobacco-free nicotine experience. Each can feature 15 high-quality nicotine pouches, designed with a unique capsule for an enhanced flavor release. Available in strengths of 4mg and 8mg, Lucy Breakers Nicotine Capsules cater to varying nicotine preferences, ensuring a satisfying experience for every user. Simply break the capsule inside the pouch to enjoy a flood of flavors. 


  • Each can of Breakers contains 15 tobacco-free pouches.
  • Strength: 4mg/8mg
  • Flavors: Apple Ice/ Mango/ Mint/ Berry Citrus/ Espresso/ Apple Cider
  • Comes in a pack of 5

Package Content:

  • 1x Lucy Breakers Capsule Nicotine Pouches 15ct - 5PK

Flavor Description:

  • Apple Frost - A blend of fresh apples and icy menthol.
  • Mango - A taste of juicy mangoes.
  • Mint - A traditional menthol flavor.
  • Berry Citrus - A flavor of mixed berries and citrus.
  • Espresso - A rich espresso taste.
  • Apple Cidar - A flavor of strong apple cider.