PuffCo Proxy Travel Pack

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Shop this ideal Proxy Travel Pack by Puffco to organize your wax dabbing ideally, featuring a Silicone Backpack, Ball Cap, Carb Cap & Tether, and a Mouthpiece. The compact & portable Silicone backpack offers a flat layer bottom and sufficient mobile storage to carry your tools. Plus, the ergonomic mouthpiece lets you enjoy smooth vapors with a gentle draw. Preloaded with a high-end Proxy Ball Cap that offers a directional airflow for stunning vapor and flavor production. Following this, this smart dab travel pack carries a Proxy Carb Cap and Tether that prevents the Oculus Carb Cap and oil from any sort of unwanted damage & leakages. In addition, it is available in two lively colors; Vibrant and Desert.

Package Content with Specs:

- Silicone Backpack: Adds mobile storage for dual tools, with a flat-lay bottom.
- Proxy Ball Cap: Adds directional airflow that provides a more consistent and vapor filled hit.
- Proxy Carb Cap and Tether: Keeps your Oculus carb cap and oil securely where they belong.
- Mouthpiece: Protects the glass tip and provides a sanitary means to share.