Sunakin H2OG Swap Kit

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Take your dry herb vaporization to new height with H20G Swap kit, featuring a compact & portable water pie made with durable silicone & glass pieces that offers smooth & lightweight handling. Customize and clean it with ease as the H20G Swap Kit comes with six removable parts. Simply Grind your dry herb finely, add water, and cover the glass bowl to enjoy phenomenal vapor and flavor production.


  • High-Quality BPA-Free Heat Resistant Silicone and Glass.
  • Big Glass bowl with a secure top cap that stays closed.
  • The glass chamber holds water or extra storage.
  • Easy to add water that cools and cleans the smoke.
  • Once it’s lit, it stays lit. Enjoy super-smooth sessions!
  • The bowl stays dry and you get high. Sweet.
  • Easy to Clean! Freeze, Squeeze and wash the Silicone clean.
  • The Silicone Mouthpiece is soft, easy to swap off and clean.
  • Made with high-quality glass and heat resistant Silicone.

Package Content:

  • 1x Sunakin H2OG Swap Kit